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Absinthe deluxe

Absinth Deluxe

It’s been a few days already since the start of the new year; however, the party season is still in full swing! This is why I didn’t want to keep this very decadent cocktail (my own creation) a secret from you. The list of ingredients seems to invite you to a dimly lit bar of the late 19th century. At that time, absinthe was about to be banned in all of Europe for about 100 years. It was said to have all sorts of ill effects – madness and blindness being among the more harmless.

Bohemians like Oscar Wilde, artists like Vincent van Gogh, but also the broad masses of ordinary towns people loved the “green fairy”, as the often green-coloured herbal liquor is also called. It was cheap and stimulated the mind. The prohibitionists soon put an end to this and issues a ban. However, it hasn’t been in effect for a long time now and we can enjoy the iconic beverage once more. 

Is there any truth about the bad things being said about absinthe? The origin of the wild stories may be the thujone in the Artemisia absinthium, the wormwood, which can lead to hallucinations if consumed in high quantities. In the past, absinthe may have contained a higher dose of it. But don’t you worry, today, the allowed amount is regulated strictly and absolutely harmless.

In the past few years, absinthe has more and more become the new, old trend beverage. Combined with some champagne with fine bubbles and the tart and fruity cassis liquor, it makes for a classy cocktail for special nights. Add some blackberries on a skewer for an extra touch. Cheers!

You will need (per serving):

  • 8 cl champagne (or sparkling wine) 
  • 2 cl absinthe
  • 2 cl crème de cassis 
  • ice cubes

And this is how it's done:

1. Fill half of the long-drink glass with ice cubes.

2. Add absinthe and crème de cassis.

3. Fill the rest of the glass with champagne

Tip: Take extra care to buy absinthe and crème de cassis of a good quality. There are some substandard products with artificial colours and flavours on the market. Those are not just unhealthy, but also distort the flavour of your drink. That would be a pity!