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Coached Mixing – Blue Margarita

Betreutes Mixen – Blue Margarita

You would like to throw an elegant cocktail party, but you are not feeling too confident with a shaker? Good you came across our 'Supervised Mixing'. We will give you a step-by-step instruction for a real South American Classic – the Margarita. But in our version it will be – just like back in the 80s – smurf blue. Along the way you will receive pro tips of bartenders that you can use with every cocktail. Let‘s start!

At a glance: 5 secret tipps for real good cocktails

  1. Cool down the glasses before you start
  2. Get together everything you‘ll need: all utensils and ingredients 
  3. Make sure you have enough ice 
  4. Invest in high quality and fresh ingredients 
  5. Minimal decoration

Ingredients for 1 glass of Margarita

  • 3 cl white Tequila 
  • 1 cl Cointreau 
  • 1 cl Blue Curaçao 
  • 1 cl Lime Juice 
  • 2 cl Lemon Juice (freshly-squeezed)

Step 1: Check your stock and go shopping

At first you will look into your kitchen cupboards and notice what is still missing to mix cocktails. So here is one of the most important tips: Don‘t use old and expired ingredients. The quality and freshness of fruit, juice, syrup etc. will show in the quality of the cocktail. Invest in high quality ingredients, it will be worth it! Today we will need a flavorful lemon und additionally some Lime Juice and Blue Curaçao. There are high quality differences, especially in regards to syrup.

Step 2: Supply enough ice

There is one essential thing for good cocktails: Loads of ice cubes. When your refrigerator is able to make them itself, you don‘t have to worry about it. Everyone else: Fill up your ice cube forms or bags early enough! You always need to have enough ice in stock.

Step 3: Cool the glasses before use

At least one hour before serving you should put the glasses into the fridge. For the Margarita it's best to use a stemmed glass bowl– a so-called Margarita glass. But you can use any stemmed glass you have at home. A thin edge makes it even better.

Step 4: Prepare all utensils and ingredients

Now it‘s time to liven up your bar (or the kitchen)! Get the ingredients and utensils together: You'll need a shaker, a strainer, a juice press, a knife, a cutting board and glasses. Put two ice cubes into every glass. Now you are prepared enough to start the art.

Step 5: Shake it - professionally

  • Squeeze the lemon and measure 2 cl of it. Put 3 ice cubes into the shaker and then add all the other ingredients. Be exact measuring, mistakes can easily happen.
  • Close the shaker and grab it with both hands. Hold it horizontally as high as your shoulders and shake it back and forth (away from your body and back). 
  • The ice cubes should cool down the liquids. Shake until the shaker gets cool. 
  • Now hold the bar strainer above your cooled glass with the ice cube und strain the cocktail into it.

Step 6: Make your cocktail an eye-catcher

Don‘t use too much junk like cocktail umbrellas or something like that. Too much of this will distract from your cocktail and looks too tawdry. Thats why you should use minimalistic but effective decoration. In our case a little piece of lemon on the edge of the class is just enough. That‘s it!