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Pomegranate Shrub – Your non-alcoholic summer drink

Granatapfelshrub – Dein alkoholfreier Sommerdrink

If the sun is burning down from the sky I like to go ‘shrubbing’ regularly. No, no, I don’t mean I’m polishing my kitchen floor to a high gloss finish. Quite the opposite actually: I’m lazily hanging out on a lounge chair, with a refreshing shrub. If all you can picture now are question marks, no need to worry. Here is the explanation.

A shrub is a fruit syrup on the basis of vinegar and often synonymous with the mixed – and deliciously sour and fruity – drink. Despite the fact that our ancestors have already preserved fruit in this way, drink vinegars of all kinds have only recently found their ways into the city’s trendy bars.

Do it like the barkeepers and don’t miss out on this treat: After boiling, the shrubs will last in your fridge for at least a month and – mixed with some cold sparkling water – will always be ready to brighten up the end of your day. Shrubs can be made in all kinds of different ways and from every type of fruit. The one that is especially close to my heart is the pomegranate shrub.

This is what you'll need:

For the shrub-syrup

3 ripe pomegranates 
500 ml wine vinegar 
350 g sugar 
3 tbsp. honey 
3 tbsp. lime juice

For the shrub drink

sparkling water
optional: some pomegranate seeds to decorate

This is how it works:

1. First you remove the seeds from the pomegranates. To do this, place the quartered fruit in a bowl of cold water and remove the seeds with your fingers. The shell remains float on top and can be taken out. Then pour the water through a sieve and drain the seeds.
2. Mix the seeds with the sugar and put both in the fridge covered overnight.
3. Brush the seeds through a fine sieve or cloth and catch the juice. 
4. Now you mix the juice with the vinegar and add lime and honey to taste. 
5. Do not forget to sterilise the bottles with boiling water before filling them. It is best to keep the finished shrub syrup in the fridge. 
6. For the drink you can pour any amount of syrup topped with sparkling water and add decorative fruits and ice cubes. Your summer refreshment is ready!

Everything vinegar? Oh yes!

Grandma already knew: vinegar is a multipotent home remedy for all kinds of pain, dirt and bad odours. It removes limescale spots, brings shine to tired manes and serves as a fruit fly trap. Enjoyed as a delicious shrub, vinegar has some nice benefits:

  • Provides vitamin c.
  • Has a stronger antibacterial effect than alcohol.
  • Conserves food and drink.
  • Refines the taste (try the shrub in a salad dressing!) 
  • Cools and refreshes.

You see: Sour is healthy and can be sooo yummy. So, get the shrub!