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What makes tap water sexy

Was Leitungswasser sexy macht

Every morning the same miracle happens: you step into the bathroom, turn on the tap and – WOW – pure, precious drinking water comes out. Maybe you are now thinking: Huh? What is so special about it? Well, you get one of the most valuable things that you can drink free domicile.

Really?! 3 surprising facts about tap water

  1. tap water is the best inspected foodstuff in Germany. The regulations are even stricter than those for bottled spring and mineral waters.
  2. tap water mainly derives from ground water, supplemented by water from rivers, lakes and springs. From the tap (at least in Germany) no clarified waste water comes out at all.
  3. tap water is in many cases healthier than bottled mineral water. A curious fact is that it contains more minerals and fewer pollutants.
Tap water is simple and yet changeable. Uncomplicated and almost always available – without dragging crates. Besides, it is also exactly what your body needs to replenish its reserves. Tap water makes your skin glow, boosts your metabolism and gives you power to live. There is little in it – no sugar, no conservatives, no caffeine and no other frills. That is its strength. Sounds boring? Fiddlesticks! We will show you how to turn disdained tap water into a sexy-performing tap water.

Clean it up

Until the tap water reaches your house connection, it is strictly controlled. After that, however, no more. In old houses, lead, nickel or copper pipes can release harmful heavy metals into the water. You are not quite sure whether your water is uncontaminated? After a water test (available from several suppliers) you can be sure. Moreover, you can also screw a good water filter on your tap. Since this also removes lime scale, the water becomes softer and changes its taste.

Do it without plastic

You should give plastic bottles a wide berth. They not only harm the environment, but also your health. Even the best tap water loses its quality as soon as the plastic's softeners dissolve in it. Instead, use a nice glass carafe or a FLSK drinking bottle at home or on the road. It is more practical, stylish and cheaper.

Do it differently every time

"I need something with taste!" There are moments during which we want to perceive something on our tongue while drinking. Time to „pimp my water“:
  • Herbs: Mint, lemongrass, rosemary, nettle and thyme add an exciting note and also look great in a glass.
  • Fruit/vegetables: Almost like a cocktail! With cucumber, ginger, lemon, orange or berries you can spice up your tap water.
  • Soda: A water carbonator turns still tap water into a sparkling experience in no time.
  • Tea leaves: An insider tip from Asia - cold jasmine tea tastes incredibly good and has no calories. For this, brew a pot, let it cool down and pour it ice-cold into the FLSK drinking bottle.