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The Negroni is the Italian Signore beneath cocktails. Simple but not blunt. Classy, but not over the top. It’s the perfect pre-dinner-drink. Rediscover this classic with us.

A Count is coming to a bar.

A Count, a hotel bar in Florence and the long for sensual frenzy – these are the ingredients for the legendary Negroni. The Americano was too weak, so the Italian nobleman Camillo Negroni ordered something with a bit more HP – a star was born. We don’t know with any certainty whether the Count that gave the creation its name is truly responsible for it. However, his drink turned into a classic fast. A classic that’s surprisingly rare on German drink menus. The Negroni Bar in Munich is laudable exception. There, it’s possible to enjoy the signature drink in various ways. Too far away? You’d rather mix it by yourself? We’re happy to provide you with the basic recipe:


  • 3 cl gin
  • 3 cl Campari
  • 3 cl red vermouth
  • 1 orange slice or zest


  1. Measure the liquids exactly, preferably with bar measures. 
  2. Mix everything in a shaker. (or in the FLSK) 
  3. Serve with ice and a thin slice or zest of orange.

One standard – thousand variants.

Like many classics, the Negroni also became a „victim“ of modifications. We’re not judging, it’s up to your taste, whether you like it or not. Some people love the unaltered taste of the simple ingredients. Others like to spice up their drink with fruits, herbs or even coffee. What does your heart beat for? Try around. You can start with the following variations:

  • Replace Campari with Aperol or Lillet 
  • Replace Gin with Whisky 
  • Add Espresso, Basil or Lime juice

Negroni To Go

Your FLSK would like to taste something different than tea or coffee? Give it a bit of alcohol! If you don’t have a tumbler, you can prepare your Negroni in the FLSK bottle. You can take it with you everywhere. With this drink you’re a welcome guest at your friends’ places (a surprising present). Or you enjoy it as provisions on your way to a concert.

We don’t have to mention, that you should be careful when it comes to the topic of drinks and road traffic, right?