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How to find your interior style

So findest Du Deinen Einrichtungsstil

Do I feel comfortable in my home? Rarely has this question been as relevant as it has been recently.

If we are being honest, our homes used to play a rather secondary role. Even if the home remained a place of longing and occasionally lured with a sofa and peace and quiet, a large part of life took place elsewhere. During the week, people were at work and on the road at the weekend.

Luckily, we feel quite differently today! We have experienced how important our own four walls are as the centre of our lives and pay more attention to them.

Have you also been browsing the posts of the interior influencers this winter? Perfectly furnished flats, casually implemented trends and a great sense of style everywhere you look. Enviable? You can do that, too!

Find your own personal interior style following these five steps.

1. Dare to create free space.

Even if you are not yet sure exactly what your style looks like - you certainly know what doesn't attract you. Therefore, first sell or give away all objects and furniture that you no longer enjoy or that you have never really liked. The newly created empty space is just waiting to be designed by you. At this point, a little joy is called for: Yeah, here we go!


2. Get inspired.

Our interior style is often strongly influenced by our environment. But just because your family likes it plush doesn't mean that this style also matches your own. It's much easier to think outside the box when you're inspired by interior design ideas on blogs, Pinterest, Instagram or in magazines. Put your favs together on a mood board to find out what they have in common.


3. Build an individual base.

Take a close look at your mood board: What is the common thread running through the images? Light, natural wood, dramatic dark colours, cosy textiles or cool metal? What is the prevailing atmosphere? 

Now there are two options: Either your choice reflects your personality very accurately or it shows you facets of your personality that you are not yet acting out. How fascinating! In any case, your mood board gives you clues about the basic orientation of your interior design style. Do you prefer natural materials or does industrial style suit you? Choose larger furniture and wall colours accordingly. 

Also ask yourself how you can express what makes you tick in and with your home. Example: You love taking photos? Then why not create a gallery of your best pictures in the hallway? Are you more the straightforward type? Then you can get rid of the knick-knacks.


4. Leave room for trends.

A common question when it comes to furnishing is: Am I still allowed to experiment with trends or will this destroy my individual style? The answer: a solid individual basis can tolerate any trend. It would be sad if you were to miss out on all the fun just because you have now found your style, wouldn't it? If the "basic idea" of your home is on track, you can add accents in trendy colours or use accessories to reflect the current trend. Your style will not suffer.


5. Stay in motion.

Once you find an interior style, you stay true to it forever? How boring! Life means change and your style can change with you. What's important is that it always remains authentic. And with these tips, you're sure to succeed!

How can you tell that you have found your style? 

Quite simple: when every room seems like an extension of your personality.

It's also a good sign when good friends come to visit and say, "Wow, this flat is so you!" Then you can smile wisely and answer: "I know“.