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Spring bucket list

Bucket List für den Frühling

Maybe it’s because we’re all getting older. Because the older you are, the faster you perceive the pace of time passing. (Unless, of course, you’re stuck in traffic, but that’s another story.) And that is why there is only the blink of an eye between Christmas and the peak of the summer months. While you are still vacuuming the bathroom and thinking about what to cook tomorrow, spring is already over. And with it the flower blossoms, all the fresh green and all the special moments that never come back. We don’t want that to happen to you this year! Let’s make the most out of the season and enjoy it together. With every item on this bucket list. Nice side effect: The intense and consciously enjoyed experiences make sure that we subjectively perceive our seconds, minutes and hours as longer. It’s magic!

Visit a garden

Is there a public park or garden near you? Then wait no longer, let’s go! Be amazed by the lush flowers and wonders of this curated piece of nature. It is alive, green and feels sooo good. Careful handling of the delicate leaves and calyxes is usually permitted and increases the feeling of joy immensely.

Bring your morning coffee outside

You can slide this idea in before work and thus bring spring into your everyday life. Instead of having your coffee on the way to work or at the kitchen table, you take it with you to a sunny spot. You will need: a bench on the way to the office or the step outside your front door, a FLSK drinking bottle with good coffee and five minutes of your time.

Listen to a classical piece of music

Even if classical music is usually not your cup of tea – take this little trip into spring-like worlds of sound, it’s worth it! Nothing will make the little birds inside your chest flutter so reliably as joyous violins. The most popular classic is obviously ‘La primavera’ – “The spring“ from the Four Seasons by Vivaldi. A little bit more modern and also beautiful is the theme from the movie ‘Ladies in Lavender’. Listen and enjoy.

Freshen up your balcony or terrace

Quick check: What does it look like in front of your house? Are the dead leaves still piling up in the corner of your balcony or is there even still an old wreath at the front door? In order to enjoy the warmer nights under the stars soon, treat your open spaces to a make-over: remove dead plants and garbage. Wipe everything, sweep and remove the cobwebs. Put out a few chairs, add a candle – done.

Grow your own herbs

Barbecue season is coming! Wouldn’t it be great to have some homegrown herbs for salad or marinade? It’s actually super easy. You can buy everything in the garden center ready-made, you only have to water the pots filled with seeds. Alternatively, you can use seed discs. These are ideal for beginners as the seeds are already placed in the right distance. It is simply a great feeling when something really growths there („I did that“).

Buy your first bowl of strawberries

Yes, they are back, these red, sweet darlings. Mix them into your smoothie, cut them into your cereal or just enjoy them straight away. Straight from the bowl, still next to the fruit stand, warm from the sun. Even if it’s a cliché: This is the taste of spring!