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Which interior type are you?

Welcher Interior-Typ bist Du?

That casual shirt or the wild curls - that's typically you. With the way you dress or the way you wear your hair, you emphasise your unique personality. But did you know that the style of your home says more about you than you think? Nothing is as intimate as the décor of your home. It shows who you are and what is important to you.

No matter whether shimmering gold, simple light wood or cool exposed concrete has conquered your heart, your daily FLSK companions should also match you and your look. On an open shelf or on the dining table, the FLSK drinking bottle or the coffee to go CUP fit perfectly into the overall picture and provide the WOW factor you deserve. Find out which interior type you are and with which FLSK product you can underline your style.

Glam Queen and King + FLSK MDNGHT

Your home is your kingdom - and you are the queen or king! You feel really comfortable when you are surrounded by intense gemstone colours, high-quality materials and lots of gold. Look around you: Do you see an opulent box spring bed with velvet cushions, a coffee table with a marble top and a glass cabinet with fine champagne? Then you've definitely come to the right place. You have exquisite taste, appreciate your well-earned luxury and like to indulge in velvet and silk. In your private life you also have high expectations of yourself and your environment. It is not easy to satisfy you. But you are as faithful as gold when someone is important to you. You savour moments intensively - when you are happy, you forget everything around you. Behind your shimmering facade you have a lot of inner strength and a multi-layered personality.



The Industrial Babe + FLSK BLCK.

As a fan of the industrial style, you reside in a purist loft flat. Here, steel, concrete and clear edges determine the picture. In your four walls, a symphony of white, black and grey, no piece is unnecessary. You love the minimalist look because it gives you room to breathe and live. As a person, you are extroverted, direct and straightforward. This can sometimes seem dominant to those around you, but those who know you know that you are simply very clear about what you want. Your life is in the fast lane, you like it to be fast and great. Nothing can faze you anyway. As a true child of the big city, you love to wander through the shops, drink gin tonic in a trendy bar and then... who knows?

The CUP black will make you happy.


Romantic Luxury + FLSK Roségold

Suddenly a princess? Whoever enters your flat is guaranteed to feel like one! Everything here is wonderfully romantic and playful. There are roses on the curved side table and you serve tea in a vintage porcelain service. High-quality, sensual materials are very important for your look, because you know that romance de luxe is anything but cheap trinkets. So you combine fluffy carpets with antique mirrors and spice everything up with a pinch of glitter. You're also personally the romantic type and like to dive into your daydreams. The world is hard enough, why shouldn't you indulge in soft pink cotton wool at home? Your friends appreciate you as a loving listener who doesn't play to the fore. You don't need to, because you'll get much further in your charming way anyway.

The FLSK rose gold belongs to you.

FLSK Rosegold

Shabby Chick + FLSK WHTE

Three adjectives that describe your style: Easy, relaxed and creative. Flea market treasures and vintage pieces with traces of use provide the cosy flair in your flat. Everything has a story: the different chairs around the dining table as well as the old brass lamp with a crack. You would never let department stores' furniture through the front door. You'd much rather grab older pieces and give them an upcycling. You can really live out your creativity. Your unconventional, freedom-loving streak is reflected in every room. Perfection? Not interested in you. It's the traces of life that make you exciting and special. That's why in your presence you can't help but forget your flaws and simply feel good.

The FLSK WHTE is moving in with you.