Green Weeks.

1 order = 1 square meter forest

We are aware of the CO2 impact of our production. Therefore, we have compensated a part of it by protecting one square meter of forest for every order received in our online store between 22.04. and 22.05.

Thus, we were able to protect a total area of about 35 1-room apartments.

Since we are not forest experts, we have teamed up with the Waldakademie. This campaign works to protect forests in Germany and draws attention to environmental problems and their effects.

FLSK is godfather for this forest for the next 50 years. The Waldakademie ensures that the forest remains a forest.

The FLSK Movement.

When you talk about sustainability, you have to mean it. We know we're not perfect, but we're on the path to better and we're challenging our status quo. That's why we created our Movement. Here you can find out more about the areas in which our Movement is divided.

During the Green Weeks we want to take you inside what we have already changed, which topics we are currently dealing with and how it will continue.

Among other things, the following has happened by 2021:

  • all packagings are made of FSC mix certified paper
  • our shipping boxes are ecologically optimized so that no unnecessary space is wasted during transport
  • our filling material in the cartons is from shredded waste cartons or recycled paper
  • for the transport to Germany we cooperate with the GoodShipping Initiative zusammen, i.e. the container ships are refueled with fuel based on used cooking oil instead of marine diesel or heavy fuel oil
  • by using biofuel oil, we were able to collectively save 64.76 metric tons of CO2 from ocean freight transport in 2021

    Currently, we are dealing with the following topics, among others:

  • We are currently still looking for a suitable alternative made from renewable raw materials for the recyclable plastic cover that protects our products from transport scratches.
  • Climate-conscious business management is a matter of course for us. We work every day to put as little strain as possible on our planet.