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cleaning bundle

cleaning bundle

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Your FLSK drinking bottle - clean and dry in no time. 

Everything we love needs a little care now and then. It's the same with your FLSK water bottle. If you clean it regularly, you will enjoy it much longer. But you shouldn't spend too much time at the sink. For an easy and effortless cleaning routine, get the Clean Bundle. The set consists of the FLSK cleaning beads and the draining aid. With it, you are perfectly equipped for daily and intensive FLSK hygiene. draining aid for every day. 

After use, we recommend rinsing your FLSK water bottle with water and possibly some detergent. Then simply place it upside down in the draining aid. There, the remaining water will drip off overnight without any additional effort. By the way, the also fits the muki snack pot and the CUP coffee to go tumbler. Your FLSK favorites are quickly hygienically dry again and ready for the kitchen cupboard or the next use. The is suitable for all sinks and makes itself there space-saving narrow. 

FLSK cleaning pearls for intensive cleaning.

Depending on the drink, deposits can form in the FLSK drinking bottle. You can get rid of these deposits efficiently with the FLSK cleaning pearls. Put the cleaning beads together with some warm water into the drinking bottle and swirl it vigorously a few times. The cleaning beads gently but effectively loosen all dirt inside the bottle. Drain through the strainer of the container, rinse everything with water and let it dry - ideally on the draining aid provided. 

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