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CUP to go tumbler Next Gen

CUP to go tumbler Next Gen

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durable above average
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++ available from mid September ++

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You are constantly in the head and lose touch with the earth? Then this natural CUP coffee to go cup is for you! Its elegant green hue lets you get back in touch with what really matters. Take a quick moment for your matcha latte - on the go or at home on the balcony. And sip by sip, you'll find steadfastness in these crazy times. Also steadfast is the dishwasher-safe Next Gen coating, which won't wear off even after many cups of coffee. Its durability and tree free packaging make the CUP particularly sustainable.

size: 350 ml / 12 oz
height with lid: 14,2 cm
height without lid: 12,4 cm
diameter: 8,4 cm
weight: ca. 245 g