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FLSK bundle

FLSK bundle

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18 hrs. hot.
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Carbonic acid proof.
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The FLSK White Marble 750 ml leaves our assortment, so you get the bundle cheaper as well.* 

The FLSK drinking bottle is already pretty good on its own. But it becomes really ingenious together with its friends - the neoprene bag and the cleaning pearls. With this well-coordinated team you are equipped for all occasions. The neoprene bag wraps around the FLSK like a protective skin, protects it from scratches and opens up new attachment options (e.g. on the outside of a backpack). Additional plus: In the neoprene bag, the insulating function of the FLSK is also extended by several hours.

The cleaning pearls, on the other hand, are very practical if stubborn deposits form in your FLSK after some time. With a little water and the reusable beads, the inside will be sparkling clean again in no time. We want to support you in getting the best out of your FLSK. That's why you get the trio of the FLSK 750 ml, the matching neoprene bag and the cleaning beads at the extra low special offer price of 56.64 €. You save 22% compared to buying the products individually. Deal? 

*Don't worry: the cleaning pearls and the neoprene bag will remain.

color:White Marble
size: 750 ml