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FLSK drinking bottle

FLSK drinking bottle

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The FLSK water bottle from the ReNature Series embodies the stabilizing element of earth with its calm color shade "moss". With it in your pocket, you'll experience a day full of harmony in harmony with your surroundings - whether you're doing Pilates in the park or on the road driving to your next appointment.

Your perfectly shaped water bottle has the innovative Next Gen coating, which scratches can almost no longer harm and looks like new every day. In addition, it can do everything you are used to from FLSK: absolutely leak-proof, 18 hours hot and 24 hours cold. Like the earth under your feet, the water bottle moss carries you reliably through the day.

diameter FLSK:8,0 cm
weight:420 g
size:750 ml
height with lid:28,6 cm
height without lid28,0 cm
material:stainless steel
drinking opening:3,4 cm