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FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle

FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle

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18 hrs. hot.
24 hrs. ice-cold.
Carbonic acid proof.
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Problems are there to be solved, and that's exactly what the FLSK White Marble 750 ml helps you with. It reliably supplies you with ice-cold drinks so that you can easily keep a cool head when your colleagues are having a heated discussion. In the FLSK drinking bottle your favorite drinks stay steaming hot for 18 hours and ice cold for 24 hours. The screw cap closes perfectly, so you can be sure that nothing leaks out or the carbon dioxide escapes.

Just take your favorite wine to the office in the morning, and reward yourself after a successful day still at the desk with an ice-cold after-work drink. In the FLSK 750 ml also fits exactly one bottle of champagne, and that is certainly no coincidence …

diameter FLSK:8,0 cm
color:White Marble
weight:420 g
size:750 ml
height with lid:28,6 cm
height without lid:28,0 cm
material:stainless steel
drinking opening:3,4 cm