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FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle

FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle

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18 hrs. hot.
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Carbonic acid proof.
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A new life is like a pristine snowfield: white and full of possibilities. Just like the WHTE 350! From a juice spritzer in the schoolyard to a warm tea on a school trip. At the same time, it is free of harmful substances such as plasticizers or aluminum. The WHTE 350 enriches your life with a large portion of style, but takes up too much space in any backpack.

Relaxed parents = happy children. For this simple formula, you only need one accessory: the FLSK water bottle in WHTE. With a volume of 350 ml, it holds just the right amount (and all day tempered) liquid for preparing a portion of baby milk. Completely pure and in plain white it comes along, the smallest of our FLSK drinking bottles. Delicate at first glance, it is as hard as steel on the inside. More precisely, as hard as the finest type 304 stainless steel. This guarantees you a fabulous insulating capacity, absolute leakage resistance and a long service life.

diameter FLSK:7,1 cm
weight:270 g
size: 350 ml
height with lid:21,1 cm
height without lid: 20,5 cm
material: stainless steel
drinking opening: 3,2 cm