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FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle

FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle

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18 hrs. hot.
24 hrs. ice-cold.
Carbonic acid proof.
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Phew ... School, everyday life, work, stress - that's enough for today. We want to get out! Luckily, you don't have to go far to get some fresh air with your family and enjoy the outdoor feeling. After all, nature is everywhere and the FLSK STNLS 350 is always with you anyway. Flexible, versatile and practical, it accompanies you from asphalt to forest on any terrain. 

The FLSK STNLS in the mini 350 ml variant is our robust bottle for small explorers:inside and their parents. Its small volume is its great strength. Because so your child can experience his adventures with light luggage. Inside and out, the FLSK STNLS is made of practical stainless steel, which resists scratches and knocks and is also very easy to clean. Of course, this small FLSK also insulates like a really big one: So the spritzer stays cold 24 h and the tea 18 h hot.

diameter FLSK:7,1 cm
weight:270 g
size: 350 ml
height with lid:21,1 cm
height without lid: 20,5 cm
material: stainless steel
drinking opening: 3,2 cm