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Freshness boost in the morning.

Frische-Boost am Morgen

Been out late last night dancing the night away? Then it could be that the person in the mirror only looks vaguely familiar to you this morning! Pale skin, puffy eyes and a tired look are speaking for themselves: too little sleep. Maybe greasy food, alcohol or nicotine was involved, too. Yesterday was super fun, but today you are already starting to regret. You would love to turn around immediately and hide under the covers again. But today is the important meeting and the little one has to go to kindergarten...

But don't worry, rescue is at hand! You can continue to enjoy long nights of events and parties and look fit and rested the next day. Because with this program you can trick the morning blues in 7+1 minutes in a very relaxed way. And what’s best: Everything you need for it is already at home.

+1 minute: Preparation

In the morning, time is naturally a bit tighter. The last thing you need right now is extra stress. So make it easy for yourself and invest a minute to prepare for your freshness booster in the evening. 
• Grab your FLSK and fill it with warm water. Place it on your bedside table or on the floor next to your bed. 
• Place two small, smooth objects made of stainless steel or metal in the refrigerator. Spoons or FLSK lids are ideal.

2 minutes: Beauty sleep

6:30 a.m. - the alarm clock rings! But you don't have to say goodbye to your bed yet. Now it is time for a very special beauty sleep. Get the chilled items from the fridge and place them on your eyelids. The cold has a decongesting effect and makes your eyes more alert. Two minutes are enough – to avoid completely falling asleep again use the snooze button on your alarm clock.

1 minute: Ayurveda quickie

Chia seeds, acai berries and other superfood is on everyone's lips. Unfortunately, it is often expensive and more complex to process, not to mention the environmental impact. The old Ayurveda masters, on the other hand, recommended a food so trivial that we tend to forget it: Water! According to Ayurvedic teachings, drinking warm water has a positive effect on our body. Water gives the skin a radiant tone, counteracts tiredness and activates our spirits. It is practical that the FLSK serves you the life-giving water directly in bed. Extra tip: Boiling enriches the water with additional energy. If you have more time, you can let your water boil for 5 minutes and then drink it slightly cooled down.

2 minutes: Fresh air cure

Let's get out of bed – directly to the window or to the balcony. Overnight the indoor air often turns into a stuffy reek. Fresh air is a pure blessing and a real wake up call. Breathing in and out for one minute provides the entire body with oxygen and fresh energy. In addition, breathing acts like a mini-meditation if you concentrate exclusively on the incoming and outgoing air. If you are a lucky garden owner, you can also do the exercise on the still wet meadow. At best barefoot!

2 minutes: Finger paints

Time for the mirror check in the bathroom: What is the freshness status? If traces of last night are still visible, concealer now is your best helper. It is nothing new that the skin-colored paste helps against wrinkles and shadows under the eyes. But did you know that the best way to apply concealer is to tap it into the skin with your fingers? The warmth in your fingertips makes the texture bond better with the pores for a more even result. The tapping also makes the lymph flow. The tissue fluid causes unsightly, puffy eyes in the morning. 

With this last trick you are ready for your day. Enjoy it to the fullest!