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CUP - the coffee to go cup with design.

CUP – der Coffee to go-Becher mit Design

You are an aesthete. You are demanding. You like to surround yourself with beautiful things that look good and feel even better. So why should you compromise on your coffee mug?

The streets, offices and cafes are full of coffee to go cups in screaming colors, with questionable patterns and boring shapes. And what's worse, most products hide poor function behind their looks. Which one really keeps the lid on and your hot beverage warm for more than ten minutes?

The CUP - awarded for its innovative design.

When we designed the CUP for you, we were driven by a great vision. We wanted to create a coffee to go cup that you wouldn't want to put down. With its unique design, it stands out from the crowd at first glance. And with its minimalist shapes, reflects uncompromising performance.

The result: the CUP coffee to go cup - urban design reduced to the essentials married with unprecedented functionality. This has also convinced the renowned German Design Council, which has honored the CUP with the German Design Award 2022.

Designed for your five senses.

The first sip of coffee in the morning is a moment of pure, sensual happiness. That's exactly what your CUP was made for. Beneath its cool, stylish shell is a true hedonist who knows how to enjoy. Its design appeals to all five senses:

Sight: The cylindrical body of the CUP flows in a gentle arc from the wide lid opening to the narrow base. It is crowned by a precisely fitting, transparent lid with a harmonious drinking opening. The discreet and precisely laser-etched FLSK logo adds a dignified finishing touch to the design. 

Choose from six elegant shades:

CUP black: A deep black statement, eye-catching and self-confident.
CUP white: Pure and radiant, understatement in its purest form.
CUP khaki: An earthy, relaxed look that plays with the colors of nature.
CUP sand: At home in urban dessert - a delicate, warm tone the color of latte.
CUP sky: Weightless feelings with the soft colors of the sky.
CUP stone: Reliable and puristic - a present look without any frills.

Let your fingertips wander over the slightly grainy, yet quite fine powder-coated surface of the CUP - a tactile delight. The diameter is calculated so that the CUP fits perfectly in your hand. And the design also takes into account the things you'd rather not feel: our Easy Hold principle fixes the fliplid by lightly pressing it beyond the drink opening. It stays there even if you tip the cup.

Listen: You can even hear the quality of the CUP! For example, in the reassuringly firm "clack" with which the fliplid closes the drinking opening. No more drops get through here.

Smell & taste: The CUP lets you fully enjoy the multi-layered aroma of your coffee - and thanks to the food-safe stainless steel inside, it doesn't add any unwanted flavor notes.

Perfect for this.