• Individual corporate gifts

    Laser engraved drinking bottles and coffee mugs for your employees

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Personalized gifts in premium quality

If conventional company gifts do not meet your requirements, we have something for you: Our FLSK products with high-quality laser engraving. Eye-catching, useful and sustainable.

We believe that personal details make the difference and that our products represent your company in a particularly elegant way.

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  • Free Design Manual

    With a keen eye for detail, we would be happy to create a free stand sketch.

  • Name customization

    To show your special appreciation, we are happy to personalize our products with the names of your employees.

  • From 48 pieces

    You can get the individual engraving from just 48 pieces of the same size.

  • In-time delivery

    Delivery usually takes place within two to three weeks.

  • Comprehensive advice

    We advise you honestly and individually – from design to shipping.

  • Ready to give as a gift

    You don't need any additional gift wrapping. Our premium packaging is a real eye-catcher.

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Highly precise and indestructible

We only refine our FLSK products with high-quality laser engraving. Our modern lasers engrave with the utmost precision and quickly. The result is extraordinary and permanently beautiful. In contrast to conventional customization options, laser engraving is considered environmentally friendly because no varnish or paint is used and the result heroically withstands scratches and abrasion.

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We look forward to your message and are happy to help you. Contact us directly by email at b2b@flsk.de or use the button below to send a request directly.


1. How does the co-branding appear on FLSK products?

On the non-powder-coated items (STNLS), the partner logo appears in dark anthracite and completely flat using tempered lettering. The engraving is heat-resistant and abrasion-resistant.

2. Where is the partner logo lasered on the FLSK products?

The partner logo is always lasered horizontally opposite the FLSK logo, flush with the bottom edge.

3. Where are names engraved?

on the FLSK: individually or above the partner logo, optionally on the lid

on the CUP: individually or above the partner logo on the body

4. How long does it take to produce the laser engravings?

Depending on the quantity and the approval process, approximately 2 weeks. In certain cases, faster shipping is also possible.

5. What file format must a logo have in order to be lasered?

In order to edit the logo perfectly, we need it as a vector file (.ai or .eps).

6. Why is there a minimum order quantity per color and size?

Since we do not charge any setup or programming costs and the stock items always have to be pre-assembled in a single type per unit, laser engraving and the preparation process are only economical for quantities of 48 or more. Smaller quantities mean additional work in the warehouse and comparatively quick labeling times compared to the initial work (e.g. creating a logo, preparing the machine, checking the engraving).

7. How does the approval process work?

We will create a digital view for you that shows you what the personalized items will look like. Changes can be made free of charge. After the layout has been approved, the data is passed on to the technical department, which, after setting up the sample bottle, compares the laser engraving with the approved view, makes optional changes and starts the series labeling.

8. Are there additional shipping costs?

Within Germany, we offer free shipping to one delivery address. (Individual) shipping to different addresses is possible on request.

9. What are the payment terms?

Our payment term is 30 days net after dispatch of the goods.

10. Where can I find information on sustainability?

11. Can small quantities be ordered in your own Pantone?

Unfortunately not. Since this is a custom-made product, the minimum order quantity is 2,500 pieces.