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CUP coffee to go tumbler

CUP coffee to go tumbler

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Made of stainless steel.
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Your world never comes to a standstill. So why should you stop for coffee? In your white CUP, you can simply grab your coffee and enjoy it while going to your morning meeting. And when we say relaxed, we mean it:

A sleek, no-spill, super easy to clean, bright white to-go cup keeps your java hot for up to three hours. Its minimalistic appearance complements a messenger bag and sneakers in the same way as it does high heels and lipstick. So you can face the day your way: Pure, durable, and bright awake.

Enjoy a fantastic unboxing experience: The white CUP comes in a chic, entirely plastic-free tube box and a high-quality microfiber Buddy protecting it from accidental scratches inside your bag.

size:350 ml / 12 oz
height with lid: 14,2 cm
height without lid:12,4 cm
diameter:8,4 cm
weight:ca. 245 g