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CUP coffee to go tumbler

CUP coffee to go tumbler

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Made of stainless steel.
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Imagine you're on your way to morning yoga. You lift your eyes to gaze at the boundless blue of the sky on a bright day. You close your fingers around your sky CUP, wearing a smile, tasting the fragrant coffee within, and savoring this peaceful instant of contemplation. Hmmmm.

That's precisely the weightless feeling the sky CUP provides. With its harmonic design, it supports you in your quest for a lighter life. A perfectly fitted lid, up to three hours of insulated heat, and a comfortable drinking flow enable you to carry your coffee carefreely into the day.

** Enjoy a fantastic unboxing experience: The sky CUP comes in a chic, entirely plastic-free tube box and a high-quality microfiber Buddy protecting it from accidental scratches inside your bag. **

size:350 ml / 12 oz
height with lid: 14,2 cm
height without lid:12,4 cm
diameter:8,4 cm
weight:ca. 245 g