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FLSK drinking bottle

FLSK drinking bottle

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When everything feels tough and heavy, it's time for a new water bottle in your life. More precisely, for the FLSK water bottle wind from the ReNature Series. Let the wind and its lightness carry you through your everyday life. One sip of well-tempered liquid and you are reconnected with the nourishing power of the elements.

New is the extraordinarily robust Next Gen coating, which resists almost every bump and scratch. The FLSK can even be put in the dishwasher, because even the hot water jets can't harm it. This makes this drinking bottle our most environmentally friendly: it comes in tree-free packaging, has a long service life and saves plastic as well as water.

diameter FLSK:8,0 cm
weight:420 g
size:750 ml
height with lid:28,6 cm
height without lid28,0 cm
material:stainless steel
drinking opening:3,4 cm