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FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle

FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle

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18 hrs. hot.
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Carbonic acid proof.
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Who in their right mind would use a conventional thermos in this day and age? FLSK is completely different to the traditional models of insulated bottles. FLSK looks good while being absolutely functional making it your most loyal companion. Others may suffer with lukewarm lemonade from run-of-the-mill plastic bottles. You on the other hand boost yourself with a sip of an ice-cold refreshment. BRDX 750ml is a true eye-catcher – the jazzy red is easy to find in any chaotic bag.

Our tip: Chose the perfectly sized 750ml bottle for travelling. It is light and yet carries the perfect amount of your favorite drink. Real jetsetters know how important it is to pack your bags right, and with FLSK who have done it. BRDX is the best way to fight an AC on full blast or the hot tropical sun at the beach in the summer. With FLSK you can enjoy every moment of travelling in overbooked trains or the long hours on full roads. Don’t be worried when FLSK drops on the floor while in a far-away city. It will excuse a little rough handling here or there.

diameter FLSK:8,0 cm
weight:420 g
size:750 ml
height with lid:28,6 cm
height without lid:28,0 cm
material:stainless steel
drinking opening:3,4 cm