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Apple gingerbread latte

Apfel-Lebkuchen Latte

You can’t say no to a cookie, neither? Understandable. Gingerbread, stollen and their cookie relatives do have something in them, that makes them so irresistible: it’s the spices. We barely smell cinnamon, anise, nutmeg and cloves and there we are: we feel like at home in our mom’s kitchen. The all-round sense of well-being included.

We will show you a recipe for an apple-gingerbread latte with which you can enjoy the flavors of Christmas in a liquid way – all non-alcoholic and therefore perfect for breakfast. The dates make you perfectly full und are a natural sweetener, while apples contribute with some vitamins. The guilty conscience can’t even nag here.

What you need:

  • 1 sweet-sour apple
  • 400 ml (almond-) milk
  • 2-3 dates
  • 1,5 TL teaspoons gingerbread spice mix (p.E. from Just Spices)

It is so easy to make:

  1. Peel the apple and cut it together with the dates in small cubes. 
  2. Bring all the fruits with the almond milk and the gingerbread spices in a pot to boil.
  3. Cook the mixture long enough for the apple to soften. 
  4. Take the pot from the stove and mash everything with a blender until the mixture is evenly smooth.
  5. Fill the CUP with the apple gingerbread latte.

Your timeout with the apple gingerbread latte

We recommend you using this delicious beverage for your small timeout. Take your CUP, drink with small enjoyable sips and breathe in deeply between them. According to the motto: I don’t know stress, but strass. Take five minutes – for you, but also for the others.

Why? The world could use some deeply relaxed people just now before Christmas. Because they do not shove when driving their car, they spread a smile in the pedestrian zone und make those magical days for all of us even more beautiful.

With this recipe you can also persuade those whirlwind-like children to spend a thoughtful advent evening. Most just adore this caffeine-free apple gingerbread Latte.