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Iced coffee with coffee ice cubes

Iced Coffee mit Kaffee-Eiswürfeln | Rezept

True caffeineistas don't let high temperatures stop them from enjoying their favorite drink. The problem: How do you make an iced coffee that stays cold for a long time and still tastes authentically like coffee? The usual recipes either use vanilla ice cream or regular ice cubes, which water down the coffee in an unpleasant way. Our ice-cold version, on the other hand, achieves cool down and wake up in one aromatic step.

The heart of the Iced Coffee is the CUP Coffee to go cup with a capacity of 500 ml. Plenty of space for a large amount of coffee ice cubes, which release more and more delicious coffee over time and make your iced coffee even more effective. In addition, the CUP coffee mug to go comes with an insulating function. Even the most intense sunlight won't make your drink sweat - the iced coffee stays cool and full-bodied until the last sip.

You need this:

  • Ice cube trays, e.g. B. made of silicone

  • Cold coffee

  • Some vanilla sugar (optional)

  • (Plant-based) milk

It's that easy:

  1. Make coffee your preferred way and let it cool. You may have leftovers from your last filter coffee anyway.

  2. If you want, mix the coffee with the vanilla sugar. Then pour coffee into the ice cube trays and freeze (preferably overnight).

  3. Now add a few ice cubes to the CUP or a glass and top with cold milk. How many ice cubes and how much milk you use depends on how strong you want your iced coffee. Enjoy!

Where can you get the CUP Coffee to go cup 500 ml? Of course in the FLSK online shop . Stop by and choose your new coffee mug to go from many chic colors.