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Flamingo Bitter Lemon Drink

Flamingo Bitter Lemon Drink

Flavors of hibiscus and orange, clinking ice cubes, sweet raspberries ... only the delicate bitterness of today's recipe tip suggests that summer is slowly moving to more southern areas. But not with us! In addition to the summery rosé colored mixed drink, we have some more ideas for you on how to prolong the summer by a few precious weeks.

Mix yourself a summer drink

A drink like a flamingo floatie? Gotta have it! It is especially effective if you enjoy it with the last warm sunrays of the day. Now in late summer, that's just a few hours earlier. But nothing reminds us of the last holiday like day drinking, right?

What you need:

  • 5 cl Ramazzotti Rosato 
  • 10 cl Bitter Lemon 
  • Mint leaves 
  • 1 Slice of lemon 
  • optional: frozen raspberries 
  • ice cubes

It's as simple as that:

  1. Mix the Rosato with the Bitter Lemon in a tall glass. To measure the liquids, it´s best to use a jigger. If you do not have one, follow the rule of thumb: twice as much Bitter Lemon as Rosato. 
  2. For extra flavor and decoration, add a few mint leaves, a slice of lemon and the ice cubes. A few frozen raspberries look especially pretty. They are also cool, can replace the ice cubes and have a heavenly taste.

Wear your summer dress

The layer look is totally in vogue. Simply put on a blouse or a trendy lumberjack shirt over delicate dresses. Add flip flops one last time. Even later in the year with stumps and boots. Men have it easier there, they don't freeze as much anyway and can easily send their summer wardrobe to the next round. By the way: sunglasses will still remain on your nose. All I´m saying is: low sun.

Listen to your summer playlist

Which rhythms put you in a holiday mood? Try it with salsa, reggae or Mallorca hits (for the tough ones). It's best to activate your summer playlist from the last weeks or click through the suggestions of your streaming provider. If nothing else works, listen to your favorite summer song. And now: move your hips until you warm up!

Go to the thermal bath

„Huh, isn't that a winter activity?! Yeah maybe, but imagine this: The sun is shining, but it's already too cold for the lake. In the thermal bath you find a comfortably warm outdoor pool. You float on the bubble lounger and blink into the sun. Do you know what I mean?