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Grapefruit elderflower mocktail

Grapefruit-Holunderblüten Mocktail | Rezept

We don't mind a little tipsy every now and then. But drink alcohol regularly? No thanks. Our health is too sacred to us for that. Luckily, the days of being forced to drink socially are over once and for all. Non-alcoholic drinks are becoming more and more socially acceptable. And tastier!

For example, you should definitely add this magical grapefruit elderflower mocktail to your spring bar list. The mixture of tart grapefruit, sour lime and floral-sweet elderberry ventilates the brain, invigorates the cells and puts a pink cloud smile on your lips even without alcohol.

You need this:

  • 1 organic grapefruit

  • 20 ml elderflower syrup

  • 1 tsp lime juice

  • 80 ml carbonated mineral water

  • Ice cubes

  • Fresh mint and grapefruit wedge

It's that easy:

  1. Wash the grapefruit in hot water and cut it in half. Put a wedge of the fruit aside as a decoration for later. Squeeze about 40 ml of grapefruit juice from the remaining grapefruit.

  2. Mix grapefruit juice, elderflower syrup and lime juice

  3. Place ice cubes in a glass and add the mixture. Pour in the sparkling mineral water.

  4. Decorate with mint leaves and grapefruit wedge to taste.