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Green smoothie bowl

Green Smoothiebowl

Whether on Instagram or in the café on the corner– bowls, bowls, bowls everywhere! There is a simple principle: high quality ingredients are being mixed up with each other and combined in a bowl. So clean, so good. The relaxed way to eat healthy has already convinced us long time ago.

Bowl goes breakfast.

It is only logical to extend this new eating trend to the first meal of the day. Here comes everything that tastes good in a bowl. But unlike the classical bowl, the breakfast bowl is prepared partly in a blender. This way your body can better digest the good ingredients.

In theory you have the freedom to choose which ingredients you what to put in your bowl. This recipe is based on a green smoothie. It is a bit thicker, because you don’t drink but spoon it. The tasty topping with its solid ingredients makes sure that your teeth have something to chew. Therefore, the smoothie bowl can be a suitable meal, if a completely liquid breakfast doesn’t satisfy you.

Another advantage of the green breakfast bowl: it combines valuable nutrients in all forms: juice, fruit pieces, superfood powder, flakes… all finds its place in the bowl. It is time saving and stress-free and this way your body gets a huge portion of love already through the breakfast meal.

Smoothie bowl to go.

And what if you prefer eating your breakfast in the office or on the go? Then you can simply pack your smoothie and the topping in your muki Snackpot. Your little bowl-buddy hast two separate compartments which separate both the smoothie from the topping until you are ready to spoon them. This guarantees you a bowl that looks pretty and tastes like freshly made. By the way: your breakfast in the muki is leak-proof. And after you finished, you can hide all your food traces in there, too.

You'll need.

For the smoothie:

  • 50 g spinach, frozen 
  • 50 ml coconut drink 
  • 1 banana, frozen 
  • ½ avocado 
  • 1 lime, untreated 
  • ½ ts matcha powder

For the topping:

  • 1 kiwi
  • 1 pinch of matcha powder

It is that easy to make:

  1. Rinse the lime with hot water and rub off the skin. Cut the lime in half and juice it. 
  2. Put the banana, the avocado, the spinach, the lime zest, the lime juice, the coconut drink and the matcha powder in a high-speed mixer and blend until it becomes a smoothie. You can adjust the thickness to your taste: just add more or less water. 
  3. Peel the kiwi and cut it into pieces. Just before eating, spread the kiwi pieces over the smoothie and powder it with some matcha powder.