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Ginger shots

Ingwer Shots

There are many ways to do something good for the immune system. But few are as uncomplicated and energising as a ginger shot. The word has spread: More and more often, you see the spicy immune boosters filled into small bottles at the counter of coffee shops or in supermarkets.

Unfortunately, due to industrial processing, hardly anything of the healthy ingredients remains. That's why it's best to mix your own ginger shot - it's really quick! And if your taste buds go offline with too much ginger, just try one of our creative shot variations.

Make your own ginger shots - that's what you get.

Even though ginger shots are often described as miracle cures, they do not cure diseases. But experience has shown that a fresh shot at the right time can put nasty cold viruses to flight before they have really taken hold. And the Power Shots are also suitable for preventing and strengthening the immune system. Here are all the benefits at a glance:

  • Cold defence: A scratchy throat? A throbbing head? Don't take any chances now and give your body's defences a helping hand with a ginger shot! Ginger has been proven to inhibit inflammation. In addition, the immune system is happy about the extra vitamin C from apple and lemon. 
  • For prevention & regeneration: The ginger contained in the shot supports the body in its work in many ways. It has been well proven that it stimulates digestion and helps with nausea. 
  • For new energy: The yellow colour and the half sour, half hot taste give you a fresh kick in the morning, which can also replace coffee.

Ginger shots can help you stay fit and healthy. Please always pay attention to your body's signs. It will tell you what is good for it.

Hand presst Zitrone aus

What you need:

  • 100 g fresh organic ginger root 
  • 100 ml naturally cloudy organic apple juice 
  • 2 organic lemons

It's that simple:

  1. Peel the ginger. 
  2. Squeeze the lemons. 
  3. Mix together with the apple juice in a blender to make a creamy liquid.

Good to know:

  • Why all ingredients in organic quality? It's simple: they are less likely to come into contact with potential toxins and pollutants and therefore make more sense for your health. 
  • The recipe makes about 500 ml of liquid for about 12 shots. 
  • The liquid will keep for about 5 days in a clean, well-sealed bottle in the fridge. 
  • It is best to drink your shot in the morning after breakfast. One shot glass (about 4 cl) per day is enough.

Tips for delicious shots:

  • If desired, add a spoonful of honey or agave syrup for more sweetness. 
  • To make the ginger less prominent, add a few raspberries, a piece of beetroot or some mango to the recipe.
  • Your shot will be even healthier with turmeric, cinnamon, apple vinegar or matcha.

FLSK tip: Sharing is fun! Transport your mix safely and cool in the FLSK drinking bottle and make your fellow men awake and happy.


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