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FLSK X Elisabeth Articus

FLSK X Elisabeth Articus

Where is creativity born? How do impulses from life flow into the artistic process? We explore these questions together with Elisabeth Articus, an outstanding artist and designer from Cologne. Be there!

As an FLSK fangirl, Elisabeth celebrates quality and excellence on her artistic path in everyday life and in every drawing and every piece of jewelry she pens. Watch the video now and experience how Elisabeth Articus brings the essence of “Wherever you find quality, you also find FLSK” to life in her art.

Elisabeth Articus: Inspiring insights into her artistic creative process

We visited the likeable Cologne native in her adopted home of Barcelona. There, unique works of art are created in an intimate dialogue with life. They talk about dreams, experiences and moments that shape life and are very familiar to us all.

Whether a ring made of fair gold or one of her graphic drawings - each piece reflects her dedication and attention to detail. You can tell this from the finely coordinated packaging. The artist is not interested in quick and cheap consumer products. She prefers to invest a lot of time and thought into the message of her art. Proof that quality is in every facet of their work.

A brand that tells a story

Elisabeth is inspired by the diverse aspects of life, which makes her works special. They are not only art, but also carriers of messages that convey courage, understanding and joy. In a personal interview, Elisabeth lets us share her artistic career and tells us where she finds inspiration for her jewelry and her brand.

We are impressed by how, driven by her passion for design, she has developed from the lecture halls of the Stuttgart Art Academy to become a successful entrepreneur and artist. Would you like to take a private look into Elisabeth's apartment and studio? Do you want to understand what drives the artist and how she creates an authentic brand message that remains noticeable in every work of art? Then accompany us to Barcelona in this video!

Click here to go to Elisabeth's website.

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