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A summer day at the lake

Ein Sommertag am See

Going to the lake is always a great idea! There is no place where we can switch off, relax and have fun so well. And the best thing about it: unlike the sea, it is often just around the corner. A micro-vacation like this fits into even the tightest of schedules.

So let’s do what we used to do as kids and pack our swimming bag for a wonderful, epic day at the lake. But this time with much better drinks! This summer, the FLSK drinking bottle will ensure you have permanently cold, delicious refreshments in your luggage.

Do you prefer to work on your tan without moving, work out, or watch the sunset with good sound? We have a suitable drink recommendation for every type of lake.

Why go to the lake with the FLSK drinking bottle?

  • Of course there are kiosks. But firstly, not on every lake and secondly, you can do one thing above all else: stand at the back. However, you don't even have to get up for your drink.

  • Anyone who hasn't experienced it won't believe it: even after an eternity in the blazing sun, the liquid inside the FLSK is still as cold as when it was filled. The FLSK offers you refreshment for a full 24 hours.

  • Your day, your rules: With a self-filled FLSK drinking bottle, you can ensure that you drink exactly what you like. Foodies make no compromises here.

  • The FLSK drinking bottle is simply practical on a trip to the lake. It stays tight in your bag, can't break and is easy to transport thanks to its low weight.

Sunbather type

A day at the lake – that means one thing above all to you: soaking up the sun! Whether on the sun lounger on the bank or on the air mattress on the water - where others sweat in the shade, you feel really comfortable. After all, the sun shines far too rarely in our latitudes, right?

This fits in your FLSK drinking bottle:

  • Water in all variations (e.g. with a little ginger) protects the skin from drying out from the inside

  • Sparkling Limonana , a fantastic summer drink with mint and lemon

Type of water sports enthusiast

You can't wait. Quickly throw your things somewhere and then get on the SUP board! Or just crawl to the small island? The lake does what no YouTube tutorial or gym can get you to do: you want to be active all day long. There will definitely be a volleyball match afterwards, that's for sure!

Take this with you in your FLSK drinking bottle:

  • Non-alcoholic beer to replenish mineral deposits

  • Frozen Lemonade , a super simple drink that gives you an energy boost

Chillout connoisseur type

When you think of the lake, two words come to mind: Grill & Chill! Above all, you want to have a good, relaxed time with friends. Sit on the jetty with a cold beer or a glass of wine. The grill is welcome to sizzle in the background, the air is filled with the smell of (vegan) sausages and cool beats. And as the sun slowly kisses the horizon, you dip your toes into the water.

Day at the lake – The FLSK packing list

  • Reading material or headphones

  • Bath towel

  • Blanket to sit on

  • SUP board, volleyball or whatever you enjoy

  • FLSK drinking bottle with your favorite drink

  • Swimming trunks or bikini

  • Waterproof bag for wet swimwear

  • suncream