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With the FLSK drinking bottle over all the mountains: hiking for connoisseurs

Mit der FLSK Trinkflasche über alle Berge: Wandern für Genießer:innen

Weekend, sunshine. The body longs for some exercise after the work week and the mind just wants to switch off. So what to do? Oh yes, hiking! A relaxed hike is the most fun with friends and family. Pick a tour, lace up your shoes and off you go!

But wait - there's something you shouldn't miss in your backpack: the FLSK drinking bottle. It accompanies you not only in everyday life, but also on your trekking tours with a large portion of fluids and an alpine lifestyle. Enjoy your time out in nature - the FLSK drinking bottle takes care of the drinks.

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Drink well on tour.

While you enjoy the hiking route, your body will really get going. That's why he enjoys a bit of wellness outside in nature - in the form of enough water or sports drinks. But please keep it pleasantly chilled. Luckily, the FLSK drinking bottle with its fantastic functions is always at your side. It reliably supplies you with liquid at exactly the right temperature, is easy to refill and stays clean so that germs don't have a chance. Here you will find the most important functions of the FLSK drinking bottle:

  1. Doesn't let up : The FLSK thermal bottle manages to keep your drink warm for 18 hours and cold for 24 hours. Fill it at drinking temperature to drink comfortably from the bottle.

  2. Put something away : Drinking bottles often fall down. The FLSK doesn't get out of shape, even when it comes into contact with the rock face while trekking.

  3. Not bulky : Thanks to the lightweight construction of the drinking bottle, you don't have to carry an extra gram with you. The FLSK drinking bottle is also slim and fits into the drinks compartments of all backpacks.

  4. Doesn't leak : The weak point of most vacuum bottles is the lid. Thanks to the precisely fitting shape, not a drop is lost with the FLSK drinking bottle.

Hiking lifestyle.

Anyone who browses through current hiking guides with titles like “Mountaineering for late risers” or “Cozy after-work tours” will realize that hiking is no longer reserved for extreme athletes. Walking over hill and dale is a wonderful balance to the job and gently keeps your head and mind healthy. You don't have to walk steeply uphill for 5 hours and get up at 5 a.m. on a Sunday. Hiking can be varied depending on your mood and fitness level and fits into your life - even if you work. You don't have to miss out on comfort and style when trekking. Complete your hiking outfit with the FLSK, a drinking bottle that can do anything and looks outrageously good at the same time.

Trekking? Not without your FLSK drinking bottle.

After a varied hike over mountains, valleys, meadows and forests, the absolute highlight is stopping at the hut or having a well-deserved picnic along the way. Nothing is nicer than enjoying the view and looking back proudly at the distance you have covered. But until then, remember: you have to carry everything you need on your back. Therefore, think carefully about what you put in your backpack when hiking. With the FLSK you pack a drinking bottle that doesn't weigh you down but has enough capacity for the day. In addition to water, you can also transport warming tea on fresh autumn days or a “summit coffee”.

Store cleverly.

Hiking fans know: Continuous drinking is at the top of the priority list. Place your FLSK drinking bottle so that you can easily reach it at any time. This saves you having to put the backpack on and take it off frequently. The handy FLSK drinking bottle feels most comfortable in a compartment on the outside of your backpack or in the practical neoprene bag. This allows you to attach the drinking bottle using a carabiner without it annoyingly swinging back and forth. It's best to order the neoprene cover in the shop right away. The cool black makes the color of the FLSK hiking water bottle shine even more.

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