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FLSK guest gifts with a wow factor

FLSK Gastgeschenke mit Wow-Faktor

You're celebrating a wedding soon, but you're not impressed by the usual guest gifts? You want something unique for your big day that no one expected? Then you've come to the right place. We'll show you how to use FLSK products to create original giveaways that will impress your guests.

Why give hostess gifts at all?

An unforgettable wedding is not a stroke of luck, but the result of a joint effort by many different people: The bride and groom plan, the groomsmen organise, the waiters rush and the band puts in their best effort. What is often overlooked in the process: The guests also make an important contribution to the success of the celebration.

Wedding guests make an effort to wear a stylish outfit, think of a suitable gift, sometimes travel from far away, take their time for the celebration and enrich the day with a wealth of their own ideas, willingness to dance and good humour. That is not to be taken for granted at all!

You can say thank you in a charming way with a hostess gift. Thank you for being there. Thank you for making our day special. Thank you for celebrating with us. Your guests will feel appreciated, welcomed and comfortable with a lovingly selected gift.

Gastgeschenke FLSK

muki snack pot and FLSK drinking bottle as guest gifts.

The usual hostess gifts fall into the category of "nice trifles": a bag of flower seeds, a jar of jam, some bath salts. A friendly gesture, but somehow also meaningless.

With FLSK products as a host gift, you have three advantages:

  • As high-quality designer pieces, they suit bridal couples with aspirations and say: You are worth it to us.
  • FLSK and muki are not one-offs, but enrich the lives of the recipients permanently. 
  • Our products can be personalised by engraving the body and lid, making them unmistakably personal.

Who says that hostess gifts only have to look pretty?

Most of the guest gifts lie around on the seats in the way during the festival or pile up on a table by the exit. We think: Guest gifts are allowed to be useful already during the wedding.

  • Champagne reception de luxe: When the weather is warm, a well-chilled aperitif awaits every guest in the FLSK drinking bottle.At a winter wedding, you use the FLSK's isolating function for a warm-up drink. Of course, the guests can keep their bottle engraved with the wedding logo afterwards.
  • Table card upgrade: The first question guests ask is: Who is sitting where? The answer is provided by small FLSK drinking bottles engraved with the first names of your guests. Everyone likes to take a personalised bottle like this home with them. For a stylish look, choose a FLSK design that matches or contrasts with your colour scheme. 
  • Dessert to go: No wedding couple is happy about guests who remain sitting on their chairs the whole evening. To get the group moving, you don't need to organise a flying buffet. Serve the starter and main course in a relaxed manner at the tables. Dessert is served in the muki snackpot, which can be decorated with your wedding motto. The guests can also eat their dessert in this noble container outside at the lake, while standing or even the next day at home.

muki als Gastgeschenk

Choose one of our guest gift ideas and be sure of the great effect it will have on your guests. Would you like personalised products from FLSK for your wedding? For a quote, simply send an email with the desired quantity, your design wishes and the desired delivery date to