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What should I give the newlyweds?

Was schenke ich nur dem Brautpaar?

The birds are chirping in the branches, the trees are full of blossoms and there in the distance aren't the first wedding bells ringing? Oh yes, it's wedding season again! And for everyone who already has one or two invitations hanging on the fridge, it's high time to think about a gift for the bride and groom. Because appearing at the wedding of good friends, girlfriends or relatives empty-handed or with an embarrassing gift is an absolute no-go.

Gift etiquette.

Wedding gifts cause many people a headache: How much money is appropriate? Does it always have to be money? Where to put my gift? We have summarized the most important things for you:

  • Take a look at the invitation . The couple often writes whether and in what form they would like gifts. Should it be a subsidy for the celebration or is there a gift list for the new home together? If in doubt, ask!

  • When it comes to gifts of money, there is no fixed rule as to how much to give . The amount depends, among other things, on your own relationship with the bride and groom. You definitely can't go wrong with 50 euros per person. Close relatives and witnesses also often give 100 euros or more. You only celebrate your wedding once in your life (in the best case scenario) – so be generous.

  • Of course you can give money with a card. But that is quite boring and interchangeable. You will be remembered if you get creative too! Combine the gift of money with an item you can touch and unpack.

  • If you don't specifically want money, a shared activity is a great gift. This way you spend time together and create unforgettable memories.

  • Leave your gifts in your bag or in the car during the wedding ceremony. Once you arrive at the event location, look around for a gift table or ask a groomsman where to place your gift. Often the parents of the bride and groom or the witnesses collect the monetary gifts and take them to a safe place. Under no circumstances should you simply leave your gift lying somewhere unguarded.

FLSK products with personal engraving.

You probably know this yourself: people are most happy about gifts that have a personal touch but also a practical use. So a good mix of emotional and actual value. With the FLSK drinking bottle or the muki snack pot as a wedding gift will give you full marks for both criteria. The high-quality tableware accompanies the bride and groom through warm and cold days and, thanks to an individual engraving, brings back beautiful memories: “Do you remember…?” Huh. Inspiration for suitable engraving texts comes here:

  • Mr. & Mrs [+last name]

  • Steffi & Tobi [insert first name]

  • Just married!

  • All luck of the world

  • Forever in love

  • It has to be love

  • Happy ever after

  • On you!

To the products .

FLSK drinking bottle + event.

The FLSK drinking bottle is only one item, but it still opens up endless possibilities to surprise the bride and groom. Like that? With its bottle shape, the FLSK can symbolize many non-representational gifts: a gourmet dinner in the city's hottest restaurant, a trip with wine tasting or an extensive champagne breakfast at your home. Simply print out a corresponding picture or design a voucher, roll it up and put it in the FLSK drinking bottle. How about “Love goes through the stomach” as an engraving?

Cash gifts: Nicely packaged are not boring at all.

In the muki Snackpot we usually transport delicious chia pudding or fresh fruit. But who says it can't be had for something more valuable? For a particularly sweet financial injection , add 1 and 2 euro coins mixed with candies or chocolate coins into the muki pot. You can put a folded piece of paper with good wishes for your marriage or honeymoon in the muki top.

To the muki snack pot.

Gifts for the bride and groom

Pro tip : If you are good at banknote origami , you can also fold artistic flowers and place them in the FLSK drinking bottle like in a vase. In addition to the classics, thematically appropriate words can also be used as engravings for the muki or the FLSK, e.g. E.g. “Reaches to the horizon” or “For your love nest”.