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Wrap gifts beautifully & sustainably

Geschenke schön & nachhaltig verpacken

You found it. There it is. It's perfect.

The one thing he would never buy for himself. The one she never even knew she wanted. The jackpot: the right gift.

All that's missing now is the right packaging. Ideally, this should be just as thoughtful and special as the gift itself. And, of course, environmentally friendly. After all, nature should not suffer from something that brings us so much joy.

Clear case: Wrapping paper and adhesive tape do not come to us this year in the bag! We'll show you five zero waste packaging ideas that will make your gift a stylish and lasting impression.

Unboxing Happiness: Reusable box + topper.

A great way to wrap gifts in an eco-conscious way is with reusable boxes and cartons of all sizes. They can be made of wood, sturdy cardboard or another material. Boxes give a presentable shape to rather shapeless objects and are so practical that they qualify as gifts themselves. After all, even after unpacking, you can always find odds and ends that want to be stored.

By the way, our FLSK products also come in a classy, completely plastic-free box that is perfect for gift giving. To make it look really festive, you can finish it off with a topper. The topper is simply attached to the top of the box. How about some eucalyptus branches, an old photograph or personalized hand lettering?

Furoshiki - the stuff that gift-givers dream of.

Behind the tongue twister furoshiki is the Japanese art of wrapping objects in fabric and adding beautiful knots and carrying loops. Incidentally, the Japanese were doing this long before the word sustainability appeared on social media. After unwrapping, the recipient can easily reuse the beautifully designed Furoshiki cloth: for their own gifts, but also as an accessory or to carry a picnic.

Cloth is an incredibly flexible packaging material. It is suitable for almost any shape - no matter if it is a FLSK drinking bottle, a book or a bouquet of flowers. The only important thing is that your cloth has the right dimensions for your project. You can use a purchased cloth, such as a scarf or sew your own Furoshiki. You can find instructions for various Furoshiki projects online.

Did you know that our CUP coffee-to-go cup comes with a microfiber buddy? This CUP best friend is not only perfect for gift wrapping, but also super practical in everyday life. Because with its soft fabric, the buddy protects the cup from scratches caused by other sharp-edged objects in your bag, such as a bunch of keys.

Plastic-free option: bags, jars and co.

If you want to make it a little faster, bags made of fabric or other natural materials are an effective alternative to folding them yourself. Again, the packaging delivers real value to the recipient and a little extra gift on top! It's also the perfect solution if your gift consists of several pieces.

Small things like jewelry or homemade chocolates disappear in a jar in no time. You can let the gift look pure through the jar or paint the outside of the jar. It looks especially beautiful when you fill the jar with cones, flowers, rice or similar and hide the gift inside.

Paper recycling: every gift a saved tree

Do you have already read newspapers or magazines at home? Then give them a second life as packaging! You decide whether it should be inspiring pictures from your favorite magazine or a simple typeface in black and white.

If you have long since switched to e-paper, you can use brown kraft paper. It forms a good basis for individual decorations and, unlike wrapping paper, can be recycled later. Gift bags can also be quickly made with recycled paper and then embellished.

The icing on the cake: Sustainable and personal gift decoration

Natural materials in combination with paper, wood or fabric don't look "eco" at all in the musty sense, but super precious. Use them to add the finishing touch to your gift wrapping.

  • Inspo Nature: berries, twigs, feathers, leaves, cones or dried flowers.
  • From the kitchen: cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices or anise stars.
  • Tangled: Ribbons and bows made of jute, wool or hemp instead of plastic gift ribbon.
  • Letter Workshop: Self-designed cards, prints or lettering.
  • Color march: painted bows or patterns (especially pretty with kraft paper).
  • Easy: Gift tags with good wishes or the name of the lucky person.
Are you already itching in the DIY fingers, but you are still missing the right gift? Take a look here: With our gift guide, you'll find the perfect, naturally sustainable gift in no time.