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More than just a drinking bottle

Mehr als nur eine Trinkflasche

Have you also often been asked about your stylish FLSK drinking bottle? No wonder: the FLSK is simply a unique (and practical!) designer piece. Actually, it's much too good to disappear behind cupboard doors after use.

That's why we would like to give you some ideas in this article on how you can use the FLSK in your home and make it more beautiful at the same time. With its stylish colours and purist look, the FLSK is a real eye-catcher that you simply love to show off.

The FLSK in the living room.

In the living room, we prefer to sit on the sofa - that's where we stay when we want to get cosy. Reading, watching a series or listening to music are even more fun when a well chilled or warm drink is nearby. That's why the FLSK has a permanent place in the living room. Its slim, modern shape fits seamlessly into your interior style. Enough lazing around: More and more often, the living area is also transformed into a fitness zone. After spinning or Pilates, you can refresh yourself with a sip from the FLSK.

The FLSK in the bathroom.

The flatmates are out of the house, the chores are done: finally me-time! What could be better than a deeply relaxing bubble bath? Its gentle curves and insulating function make the FLSK drinking bottle the ideal bath companion. Fill it with your favourite drink and place it within easy reach, e.g. on the edge of the bath or a small side table. There it creates a wonderful spa atmosphere with its gentle curves and tingling contents. Dive in and let go!

The FLSK in the bedroom.

In the bedroom, we want to come to rest. Muted tones, fine textiles and natural materials dominate there. The FLSK water bottle complements this look with its clean exterior. Place it on your bedside table so that you are also well supplied with liquid at night. Tip: Think about your overnight guests too! They will certainly be happy to have fresh water by their bed.

The FLSK in the kitchen and dining room.

The dinner table is one of the classic places to use the FLSK drinks bottle. Do you value a tasteful and individually decorated home? Then the FLSK should have a permanent place on your dining table. Depending on the occasion, it serves you and your friends sparkling water or fine wine with just one touch. The FLSK looks much more elegant than most bottles from the beverage market - and unlike glass carafes, it keeps its temperature and carbonation.

The FLSK on the terrace and balcony.

Last but not least, your FLSK will be happy if you give it a bit of a view. In the open-air rooms of your flat, it loves to let the fresh air blow around its lid! Whether it's a barbecue, breakfast or a Sunday afternoon - it's there for everything and always looks good. Depending on the model, it provides a fresh splash of colour in the green of the potted plants or harmonises in restrained tones with the cool style of your outdoor lounge. The only question is: Lemonade or cocktail?