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10 reasons why you should get an office dog on your team

10 Gründe, warum Ihr euch einen Bürohund ins Team holen solltet

"Are you friendly, fluffy and house trained? Then join our team! We are looking for a colleague with wow effect as soon as possible."

In our opinion, job advertisements like this should appear much more often. Dogs in the office have been proven to have a positive effect on the working atmosphere, the physical and mental health of employees and even the performance of the company. Amazing, right? To honor our animal colleagues, we are celebrating on June 26th. International Office Dog Day (yes, that actually exists!).

Do you want your office community to also go to the dogs? No problem! We give you 10 resounding arguments that will convince every manager:

1. Office dogs provide variety and fun

Nothing breaks the daily monotony as reliably as a four-legged friend. They make us laugh, encourage us to play and, at the same time, help us to develop creative ideas.

2. Office dogs reduce the risk of getting sick

When you stroke a soft dog's head, the human body releases the hormone oxytocin, which lowers blood pressure and slows the heart rate. This also reduces the risk of strokes or heart disease.

3. Office dogs reduce stress and make us more resilient

Oxytocin is also important for reducing the stress hormone cortisol. When we have dogs around us, we demonstrably feel less stressed and more content and relaxed. We are less affected by time and performance pressure.

4. Office dogs make us better people

Animals don't lie. That's why they remind us of what is good and innocent in us. They put many a crazy day back into perspective. In addition, dogs are unimpressed by your chic presentation; they pay more attention to whether you come across as authentic and genuine. This is so good, especially in the business world!

5. Office dogs get us moving

It's raining and you'd like to eat in front of the computer. Nothing, the dog still has to go out. Maybe it annoys the bastard, but it's good for your health.

6. Office dogs bond with their two-legged friends

With dogs you always have a topic of conversation and a common point of reference. This means that no one in the team feels left out and new members quickly feel at home.

7. Office dogs make companies attractive to applicants

Four-legged friends are also good for your own image. They make a company likeable and interesting on the job market.

8. Office dogs increase motivation

Zero enthusiasm? This rarely happens with dogs in the team. It has been proven that employees are more motivated to work and deliver better results when dogs are in the room.

9. Office dogs improve communication and teamwork

Dealing with dogs promotes empathy and therefore our ability to communicate effectively. As a result, disagreements are resolved more quickly and teamwork becomes easier.

10. Office dogs reduce employee absences

It is probably all of the advantages already mentioned that, taken together, mean that days of absence are significantly less common in dog-friendly offices. Last but not least, this saves companies money.

With bottle, snack pot and dog leash: cute four-legged friends at FLSK

How do we know all this? From own experience! FLSK has been at the forefront when it comes to office dogs for several years. Thanks to Maja, Edgar and Sissy, our time together in the office has significantly improved in quality. Even though we discuss many controversial topics in our everyday work, we agree on one thing: Without a dog? Without us! May we introduce:


Maja is a real sweetheart. With her tail wagging happily, she gives everyone a dog kiss who doesn't get out of reach in time. Her charm is legendary and sweeps away with a “woof!” every hint of stress from it. Although she has no idea about facts and figures, she is always there everywhere.


Our sunny boy Edgar is the secret boss at FLSK. No one can resist him when he “demands” for a cuddle or one of his beloved carrots with that very special puppy look. Yes, he has us pretty well under control! But we're happy to forgive him for that, because he simply puts you in a good mood with his lovable mannerisms.


Sissy puts a smile on all of our faces every day. She makes her rounds through the office with reassuring regularity, carefully placing her head on everyone's lap to politely ask for a snack. This is the work-life balance we want.

You can find out more about our office dogs Maja, Edgar & Sissy on our team page .

By the way: We understand that not everyone has a health-friendly tolerance for dogs. As a dog allergy sufferer, you can order from us without any worries. Of course, we ship from a dog-free warehouse.