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Stylish gift ideas for groomsmen, bridesmaids and groomsmen

Stilvolle Geschenkideen für Trauzeugen, Brautjungfern und Groomsmen

Along with the bride and groom, they are the most important people in the entire wedding. They support the bride and groom in a good mood with the preparations, calm tense nerves and enchant the wedding day with one or two surprises.

They are best friends, secret keepers, wedding planners, contact persons for guests and special forces in emergencies. Which superheroes are we talking about here? Of course by the groomsmen and their team: the bridesmaids and their male counterparts, the groomsmen.

In this FLSK wedding special you will find out how you choose these special people and recognize them for their efforts with a loving gift and make them really happy at the same time.


A little who's who of the wedding cosmos.

Who is who here? With so many VIPs at a wedding, you can quickly lose track. We would like to introduce you to the loyal companions of the bride and groom in more detail:

  • Witnesses : In the past, they attested to the legal marriage with their signature. Today this is no longer required, at least in the registry office, but is still common practice. In addition to the signature, the witnesses have many other tasks: The maid of honor is the bride's closest confidant and provides advice and support, organizes the bachelorette party and holds the bridal bouquet when exchanging rings. The best man advises the groom on buying a suit, watches over the wedding rings and celebrates the bride and groom in his speech.

  • The Bridesmaids : Until a few years ago, the radiant young women in dresses of the same color only existed in romantic comedies. But the bridesmaid trend has now fully arrived with us. Bridesmaids, led by the maid of honor, accompany the bride through the exciting preparation time, celebrate the getting ready together with the bride and hold the train as she enters the church. Why do you absolutely need bridesmaids? With your girls by your side, nothing can go wrong - and everything is twice as much fun!

  • The Groomsmen : A group of smartly dressed men at the groom's side? It can only be the groomsmen! Under the direction of the best man, they are responsible for ensuring that the groom arrives at church relaxed, on time and well-dressed. Groomsmen help the groom wherever they can and also lend a hand on the wedding day. The groom's "boys" are not only pretty to look at with their coordinated ties, bow ties or pocket squares, but are also essential as emotional and practical support for a successful wedding.

the perfect gift

"Do you want?" – This is how you ask your maid of honor or best man.

As a best man or maid of honor, you should choose someone who is particularly close to you, with whom you have experienced a lot and who you trust unconditionally. A good friend or sister, for example, comes into question.

Once you have decided on someone, you of course still have to ask whether he or she wants to take on this important role. This moment can be very emotional and bring even the most hardened people to tears. Because it says a lot about what you mean to each other and reaffirms your friendship.

We have prepared two ideas for you on how to say "Do you want to be my best man/maid of honor?" in an original way. you can say:

FLSK product with meaningful engraving : Choose an FLSK drinking bottle or a muki snack pot in the online shop. We engrave the good piece with “best man”, “maid of honor” or another individual message. The priceless moment is when the recipient pauses for a moment and then slowly understands... The drinking bottle or snack pot with subtle engraving ensures lasting joy long after the wedding has become a bright memory.

Noble message in a bottle : Does your future maid of honor or best man live further away? Just send him or her a charming message in a bottle. Super analog, super special. Write a personal letter in which you say what he or she means to you and ask the crucial question. Roll up the letter, put it in the FLSK drinking bottle along with a photo of yourself and send it on its way: a surprise that will definitely make your eyes shine.

Thank you for being there for me: gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

While the role of best man or maid of honor is quite exclusive, you shouldn't be economical when it comes to bridesmaids and groomsmen: there can be 5-8! Just ask yourself which of your friends you would like to surround yourself with during this time. Who brings calm to the crowd, who creates atmosphere?

Bridesmaids and groomsmen do everything to make your day unforgettable. We think that’s reason enough for a big thank you! The best time to do this is getting ready in the hours before the wedding. Traditionally, the upcoming wedding is toasted “internally”.

For this occasion, prepare an FLSK drinking bottle for everyone in the group with their name and/or wedding date engraved on it. This way, your friends will feel valued and will remember this unique day for a long time.

engraved FLSK

Our tip : Try to coordinate the colors of outfits and gifts. The boys will all be wearing dark blue suits? FLSK MDNGHT complements the look perfectly. The shimmering FLSK in rose gold, for example, goes well with the trendy bridesmaid dresses in pastel tones. It's not just the wedding photos that are atmospheric!

Perfect for this.