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Celebrate New Year's Eve sustainably

Nachhaltig Silvester feiern

With New Year's Eve we celebrate the beginning of a new, successful and happy year. In order to make this clear to any evil spirits who may be scheming, people traditionally let loose. We hang garlands, rain gold glitter, and bang like there's no tomorrow.

This may drive away the ghosts, but we are not doing ourselves any favors. Who wants to start the new year with thousands upon thousands of particles of fine dust in the air and mountains of plastic waste on the ground? Let's celebrate New Year's Eve in a contemporary way: sustainable and therefore particularly enjoyable. 7 tips for your sustainable New Year’s Eve party!

1. Carpool or use public transportation

This is off to a good start! Gives your guests tips in advance for arriving by bus and train. If this is not possible at the party location, help your guests get together to get there.

2. Plastic-free upcycling decorations

Confetti bombs, glitter curtains and balloons celebrated because we prefer to decorate the location in a sustainable look. Design your own bunting using leftover fabric and string, decorate with flowers in glass bowls and palm oil-free candles. You can even punch upcycled confetti out of scrap paper!

3. Torches and fire bowls instead of fireworks

Rockets and bangers cannot be combined with an environmentally conscious New Year's Eve celebration. Real fire is more atmospheric and sustainable. Set up a fire bowl in the garden and light numerous torches at midnight.

4. Sustainable alternatives to disposable glasses and disposable tableware

It's understandable why some people turn to plastic cutlery, paper cups and disposable champagne glasses. Your own equipment is usually not enough for the numerous party guests. But did you know that there are now sustainable alternatives to plastic and paper? Wood and bamboo perform best in comparison .

5. Fortune cookies instead of pouring lead

Cherished customs give us support in turbulent times. However, some of them are not particularly sustainable and we would do well to replace them with new rituals. At the top of the hit list: lead casting. Lead is a highly toxic environmental toxin that you should ban from your household. Homemade fortune cookies are a responsible and delicious form of New Year's oracle.

6. Corks made from natural cork instead of plastic closures

A sip to toast is a must at the turn of the year. When buying drinks, make sure that the bottles have a cork made of real cork. Unlike plastic corks and screw caps, this natural material can be recycled. With organic sparkling wine you also avoid the majority of harmful pesticides.

Our tip: pour sparkling wine, champagne etc. into large FLSK drinking bottles before the party starts. There the fine wines remain cool and fizzy while they wait for their brilliant use. And you won't have any trouble with the bottle opener shortly before midnight!

7. Green New Year's resolutions

You make resolutions anyway - so take the opportunity and add one or two sustainable resolutions to your list. Want some inspo? How about a vegetarian or vegan trial month, cycling to work once a week or avoiding cling film all year round?