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10 tips for sustainable wedding decorations

10 Tipps für eine nachhaltige Hochzeitsdekoration

Many of us have firmly integrated the idea of sustainability into our everyday lives out of conviction. We consume more mindfully, improve our carbon footprint and avoid plastic. Celebrating a so-called "Green Wedding" with resource-saving decorations is only natural.

Fortunately, sustainable no longer means you have to limit yourself or give up a stylish wedding look. No, instead of giving up, you gain: the focus on what is really essential.

Here you'll find lots of tips on how to make your wedding venue shine with sustainable decor - recycled, pre-loved, self-collected, natural and beautiful in any case.

Old love: second-hand wedding decorations.

Second-hand is not an embarrassing solution for couples who are short of cash, but a statement. Why buy everything new when there are numerous garlands, vases, baskets and candlesticks waiting for a second use? Environmentally conscious couples will not only find items online that are a few years old, but also genuine vintage pieces for lovers of patina and history. 

Green alternative to buying: Wedding decorations such as silver candlesticks, white chair covers or elegant linen napkins can also be rented for your big day. You don't want to go without a certain decorative element for your wedding? Then just think about what purpose it could serve after the wedding and continue to use it.


Naturally beautiful: wedding look with paper, wood, stone and co.

With sustainable or upcycled materials, you can create both minimalist and romantic looks. Just keep your eyes open - anything that is already there anyway and can be made wedding-ready with little effort can be sustainable: Old book pages can be used to make garlands and menu cards, and flat river pebbles labelled with gold paint can be used to guide guests to their seats instead of place cards.

Stacked wine crates, painted wood or jam jars with lace trim also look chic. No one really needs plastic items any more!

  • Decoration theme pampas grass: Dry, delicate pampas grass is a real eye-catcher at any natural boho-look wedding in the form of wreaths or as a wedding arch. 
  • Decoration theme paper: Many things can be folded from fine recycled paper - e.g. a whole sky full of Japanese cranes, which are traditionally said to bring good luck. 
  • Decoration theme glass: Glass vessels look light, shimmer in candlelight and can be used in many ways as vases, biscuit bowls or lanterns. You can borrow them or use them later, for example, to stock up on food.


Sustainable wedding floristry.

Opulent arrangements with lush blossoms are undoubtedly real eye-catchers, but they can also quickly appear overloaded. A lot doesn't always help a lot, especially when it comes to flower arrangements. Every leaf, every flower is a filigree wonder of nature. If you stage grasses, twigs and flowers individually, they look more elegant. Colours and shapes really come into their own. 

For the bridal bouquet, of course, you can have a few more flowers. Ask your florist for advice on which flowers are in season on your wedding day and avoid exotic plants because of the long transport routes.

By the way: For the decoration, you can also use trendy potted plants, which won't end up in the rubbish after the ceremony, but can live on as beloved roommates. They also make a great hostess gift!

All the tips at a glance:

  • You can find all kinds of used wedding decorations on the web.
  • Many items can also be rented. 
  • A second life for your decorations: Before buying, think about what you want to do with your decorations after the wedding. 
  • Use second-hand or existing materials for your decorations. 
  • Draw from nature's bounty: depending on how you use them, twigs, stones and feathers can be delicate and playful or cool and clean. 
  • Look for seasonal flowers from sustainable cultivation and without chemical treatment.
  • Create individual highlights with exciting leaves or blossoms.
  • Use living pot plants instead of wilting cut flowers. 
  • Vases and lanterns: recycle canning jars or rent them from florists/event suppliers. 
  • Dried flowers for scattering are more environmentally friendly than soap bubbles from plastic containers.

The perfect match.

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