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Designed for Happiness: Yoga with your FLSK water bottle.

Designed for Happiness: Yoga mit Deiner FLSK Trinkflasche

You’ve had a busy day. There wasn’t much time to eat, a presentation had to be finished in the evening. Now only one thing is left on your to do list: Your yoga practice. This brings you back to yourself and lets you calm your thoughts. Your body flows through the familiar poses and revels in the strengthening and stretching. Your stress dissipates as you treat yourself to a refreshing sip of water from your FLSK. It is your trusty companion in every yoga session and supplies you with energetically pure water without harmful substances.

The FLSK is the accessory for your yoga or Pilates happiness. How can a water bottle make you happy? Simple. By freeing you up for life’s beautiful moments with its uncomplicated manner. It swallows every drink without tainted flavours, is super easy to care for, break-proof, and does not weigh you down. The soft shapes and fresh colours of the FLSK water bottle harmonise with the special atmosphere in the yoga shala. Give it a try and you will never want another one again. Promise.

Better drinking for yoga and Pilates practitioners.

Being mindful also means drinking regularly. Makes sense that you, as a yoga or Pilates fan, don’t want to pour just anything down your throat. Treat your body to something good and enjoy fluids from your FLSK yoga water bottle. These are your advantages:

  1. BPA-free: The FLSK consists of high-quality stainless steel and is thereby completely harmless. It does not release toxic substances, such as bisphenol A, into your drink. 
  2. Temperature-controlled drinking pleasure: Yoga in the summer? Not a problem with the FLSK thermos. It keeps your favourite drink at a comfortable temperature, no matter what the thermometer says. 
  3. Leak-proof: You don’t want to discover a puddle in your yoga bag or on the floor next to the mat. This is why the FLSK keeps the bottle 100% sealed. 
  4. Consequence of the FLSK: Your yoga practice helps you see clearly and reduce your life to the essentials. The FLSK water bottle contributes to this with its clear lines and aesthetic design.

Recommended by happy yogis.

Yoga is about the unity of body, mind, and spirit. The millennium-old religious and philosophical teachings have completely arrived in the present. For some, it is an effective workout that keeps the body in shape and flexible with the known asanas (physical exercises). For others, it represents a way of life that enables relaxation through breathing exercises and meditation. Ideally, you practice yoga in a way that allows space for both aspects. Then you will sense the point at which reaching for your FLSK water bottle will do you good. Yoga schools are not in complete agreement on if and when you should drink during the exercises. Our suggestion: Listen to your body and, in any case, treat yourself to sufficient water from your bottle afterwards.

This is how you integrate yoga into your everyday routine.

Downward-facing dog, crocodile, butterfly – what may sound like a zoo to the uninitiated is your daily break. Let the FLSK water bottle inspire you to do more yoga in your everyday life. Start your morning full of lightness by flowing through a sun salutation. Maybe even in the fresh air! Many studios offer their classes in parks during the summer. Want to bet that the dew drops will wake you up in no time? To finish, treat yourself to a cool refreshment from the FLSK insulating bottle. At work, you can quickly return from your head to your body with one or two yoga exercises. Place the FLSK on your desk as a little reminder. In the evening, there is nothing better than stretching your muscles once more and then winding down by meditating. Our tip: Take some herbal tea with you to the yoga studio in the FLSK water bottle for the detoxifying effect.