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Prepare baby food with the FLSK

Babynahrung mit der FLSK zubereiten

As a mother of a baby, you gain an hour of time every day.

Phew, what you don't have to think about as a mom. Is the pacifier included, is there a spare bodysuit in the stroller, is the diaper bag ready for use? With a baby you should always plan well in advance so that you are prepared for all eventualities along the way. The supply of liquid baby food in particular is very time-consuming and requires a lot of planning. The search for a kettle, fiddling with bottle warmers and the eternal question of the right temperature... We'll show you a way to save 1 hour of time every day, which you and your little one can now spend cuddling. Or you can treat yourself to a well-deserved beauty ritual! Ultimately: relaxed mothers – happy babies.

The FLSK simply makes your life as a mom more relaxed.

Most mothers want to breastfeed their babies. But sooner or later the time comes for all babies to say goodbye to the breast, whether the mother can no longer breastfeed or no longer wants to. Now the follow-on milk comes into play. With milk powder you provide your child with all the important nutrients until he or she can switch to pureed food. Baby milk should always be freshly prepared. This is the best way for the baby to get it and germs don't stand a chance. It's not always that easy when you're on the road. Where should you get warm, boiled water? Clearly: from the FLSK drinking bottle. Because the insulated bottle meets all the requirements for baby-friendly nutrition. You can find out more about the FLSK's commitment to a happy childhood here .

What makes the FLSK perfect for mothers with babies?

  • consists of non-toxic material

  • can be cleaned hygienically

  • can't break

  • doesn't expire

  • keeps the temperature constant throughout the day

  • later practical as a drinking bottle for the little ones

It can be that simple: preparing milk with the FLSK.

In the morning you prepare the required amount of water in the FLSK. The highlight: It is available to you all day long at the ideal temperature, no matter where you and your baby are.

  1. It's best to prepare the FLSK drinking bottle while your little one is sleeping. Use the quiet moment to clean the bottle with hot water or, if necessary, sterilize it with steam. Also wash your hands to avoid any contamination.

  2. Pour the required amount of water into the kettle and let it boil for three minutes.

  3. Open the kettle and wait until the liquid has cooled to 40 - 50 degrees. The water should no longer be steaming and should be pleasantly warm when you let it run over your hand. You can also use a thermometer.

  4. Now you can fill the water into the FLSK baby bottle. Put the lid on and put it in the stroller.

You now have perfectly tempered water for mixing baby milk for up to 18 hours . The right temperature is very important because water that is too hot destroys many of the nutrients it contains, and water that is too cold causes the milk powder to clump. If your child gets restless on the go and whines for a bottle, whip out the FLSK drinking bottle and mix the water with the powder into the baby's drinking bottle.

Now let it cool down for a bit and then it's time to say: "Milk march!".

Perfect for this.