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Which drinking bottle is the best for me?

Welche Trinkflasche ist die beste für mich?

Are you looking for a new drinking bottle? Great! Let's find out together how you can find a bottle that makes you happy without long comparisons.

Is there even THE best drinking bottle?

Counter question: Is there THE best holiday destination? No! Maybe you love your summers at the North Sea, while your neighbor would spend the worst holidays of his life there. Why is that so? Because you have different needs. The same goes for drinking bottles. No matter what some manufacturers claim, there is no such thing as the best drinking bottle of all. There is only the best drinking bottle for you and your needs. You can read through as many tests as you like, but in the end, they say little about how satisfied you will be with the particular bottle. Much better, three simple questions will help you to find your ideal drinking bottle.

1. What will you use your water bottle for?

Start with "intended purpose" - this bulky word from online banking. When you close your eyes and imagine the perfect moment with your future bottle: Where are you?

  • On the bike, commuting to work every day

  • In the morning in the kitchen, where you fill the bottle for your schoolchild 

  • At the university, where you stay awake with coffee during the boring math lecture 

  • Talking to customers in a glass meeting room 

  • After five hours hiking in the Alps

  • At a stylish dinner on the patio 

Whether at home, for sports, at work or through every day - where your drinking bottle may accompany you to makes a decisive difference. A glass bottle has no place on a bicycle. To serve wine to your in-laws, you don't need a foldable plastic bag (yes, there is such a thing as a drinking bottle!) The best drinking bottle fits you and your life. In order for it to do so, it needs certain characteristics, which brings us to the second question.

2. What should your drinking bottle be able to do?

If you have already made a comparison between different drinking bottles, you know: Every bottle has its own personal strength. Which of the following characteristics are important to you?

  • Insulation strength: Do you want to enjoy hot or cold drinks all day long? Then look for good insulating properties.

  • Break resistance: Will it be bumpy or are there children involved? Then the bottle should not give out after falling down three times. 

  • Magic: You would like to have three wishes? For a Jeannie, you should keep your eyes open for a golden lamp. All right, I was kidding.

  • Impermeability: If the water bottle is just standing around in the meeting room, you can manage without the lid. In all other cases, a tight closure is helpful.

  • Health aspects: It has been proven that BPA, a so-called plasticizer, is harmful to your health.  Therefore, when buying, make sure you use BPA-free material.

  • Material: Stainless steel and glass drinking bottles are aesthetically pleasing and harmless. They are also easy to clean and do not distort the taste of the liquid. Plastic and aluminum are less suitable. For more information read the detailed comparison

  • Price: The disdainful mammon is, of course, an important aspect. Fortunately, you don't have to spend huge sums of money for an excellent drinking bottle. But since your water bottle is not a disposable item, you should pay attention to good quality and not take the copy from the dollar store with you.

3. What should your best drinking bottle look like?

The look of your water bottle can make the difference between your favorite piece and a dust catcher. After all, it's also a piece of lifestyle and a way of expressing your own personality. The look is mainly determined by material, design and color. Are you more the type for long, slim glass carafes, cool prints or retro-style visible stainless steel? The best drinking bottle is the one that not only meets your functional requirements but also looks great.

Shape and size are important if you already have a bag or cup holder that the bottle has to match. It would be annoying if your bottle should fall over while driving. Athletes should also consider the amount of liquid they need before buying.

Well done!

Now you have a clear idea of your needs and are a good step closer to your best drinking bottle. In the end, after all this analysis, you should let your intuition speak for itself. When you hold YOUR drinking bottle in your hand, you will know. Shhh, secret tip: The FLSK drinking bottle may not be perfect for everyone. But we think it comes very close. 

Take a look in our shop and let us convince you.

Unser Sortiment.