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7 situations in which you can't do without your bottle bag

7 Situationen, in denen Du nicht auf Deine Bottle Bag verzichten kannst

A drinking bottle to hang around your neck? What sounds unusual at first makes a lot of sense when you take a closer look. Because there are numerous occasions when you would like to be well hydrated but don't want to be heavily loaded.

In collaboration with ANY DI, we have therefore developed the elegant and minimalist bottle bag . It covers your FLSK 500 ml like a second skin and keeps your favorite drink close at hand when you're on the go. So the handbag can stay at home sometimes.

The crossbody bag made of vegan leather is both a practical everyday tool and a stylish fashion accessory. Therefore, in these seven situations it not only increases the feel-good factor, but also refines your look. Get inspired!

1. When you go on a shopping trip

Regardless of whether you love shopping or hate it, everyone can agree on one thing: shopping is tiring. The more you buy, the heavier you carry the well-filled bags, bags and baskets. Between shoe shops, supermarkets and drugstores, the desire for refreshment inevitably arises. But who wants to take an extra bag for drinks? Hang the bottle bag around your neck and your drinking bottle is always closer than close.

2. When you go for a walk with your dog

As soon as you grab the leash, your four-legged friend jumps happily around your legs, tail wagging: It's dog walking time! The basic equipment includes clothing appropriate to the weather and the bottle bag as a handbag replacement.

There you can store your drink and, with the matching pockets, money and sunglasses*. The Bottle Bag keeps your hands free for a firm grip on the leash and carefree stick throwing. Without an additional bag, collecting piles and giving treats is much easier. Woof!

3. When you are traveling with your child

Parents know this: visiting the playground with their children sometimes feels like moving. You need so much stuff! A change of clothes, toys, a snack in between... And now you should also take the bottle bag with you? Exactly!

Because in contrast to all the other things, the bottle bag ensures that your hands are free. Free to push the child's cheeks, bake sand cakes with the child or catch them when they slide. Roam around to your heart's content - thanks to your bottle bag, you always have something to drink with you when your little one gets thirsty.

4. When you visit a trade fair or a market

Stroll casually between the stands, try something here and there and get new ideas - trade fairs and markets are a lot of fun. On the other hand, it's no fun to have your hands full while walking around: As soon as you want to touch something, you have to put your bag down awkwardly and possibly forget it. The Bottle Bag is your perfect companion that keeps a sip of water ready but never gets in the way.

5. When you're on a city trip

During a city trip you are often on your feet for a long time. Carrying a heavy backpack can really spoil the joy of sightseeing! And honestly: what do you need other than a credit card, cell phone and water bottle? All of this finds space in the feather-light Bottle Bag*.

6. When you go on a bike ride

It's a sunny day - perfect for a relaxed bike ride with friends or family. Instead of burdening the luggage rack with a heavy bag, grab your bottle bag with the freshly filled FLSK drinking bottle. When hung across the body, it doesn't get in the way when you're pedaling. When you're thirsty, all you need to do is grab it: you don't even have to get off to drink. Practical, right?

7. If you want to upgrade your style

Fine vegan PU leather, subtle silver details and an elegant strap – the bottle bag gives every outfit a glow-up! Up to three small ANY DI Pockets* can be attached to the elegant snap fasteners. This means you can integrate not only your drinking bottle, but also sunglasses, credit card, train tickets, etc. into your look.

Get thirsty? Get your personal bottle bag and enjoy your life hands-free! Psst: The bottle bag is also available in a bundle with the FLSK drinking bottle 500 ml.

* ANY DI Pockets sold separately

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