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What makes the CUP Coffee to go cup sustainable?

Was macht den CUP Coffee to go-Becher nachhaltig?

Is it still possible to drink a coffee to go with a clear conscience? Yes, with the CUP coffee to go cup! We explain how you can use your thermo mug in a sustainable way.

CUP - the coffee to go cup for everyone who wants to live sustainably.

Goodbye, disposable paper cups! Your own thermo cup is the best solution if you want to drink your coffee on the go in an environmentally conscious way. This makes the CUP particularly sustainable:

  • The CUP is made from sustainable and durable materials such as stainless steel and Tritan.

  • With the CUP, you are consciously opting for a high-quality coffee to go cup and will therefore enjoy using it for many years. It is not a disposable product!

  • The CUP travels with you in your bag wherever you go. Compared to a reusable plastic cup, there is no need to transport it to the washing-up center and back to the café.

  • You can clean it gently at home to save water. 

CUP Coffee to go-Becher
It's very easy to use your CUP coffee to go cup sustainably: Use it. Again and again. The more often you use it, the better its environmental balance.

A little bonus: With the CUP in your hand, you not only show your respect for the environment, but also that you value yourself more than a flimsy paper cup. Because when it comes to daily use, sustainability and design, the CUP coffee to go cup definitely has the edge!

Disposable paper cup vs. CUP coffee to go cup

Disposable paper cups

CUP Coffee to go cup
Material cardboard coated with plastic High-quality stainless steel, Tritan and silicone
Service life 15 Minutes several years or even decades
Thermal output none
3 hours
Tightness expires 100% tight
Usability prone to spills, unstable firmly lockable, spill-free opening, easy hold
Design well... elegant and timeless

Coated paper cups often questionable due to potentially harmful plasticizers
Pollutant-free use possible!
Sustainability flop, single use Top, as it is durable and made from sustainable materials

Drinking a coffee to go on the go - with the CUP you can treat yourself to this luxury every day with a clear conscience. We're not the only ones who think so:

A jury of experts has selected our CUP  with the Green Product Award 2022. The CUP has thus prevailed over 1,500 products from 25 countries. Since 2013, the international Green Product Award outstanding products, services and concepts that are characterized by good design, innovation and sustainability.


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