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FLSK - the drinking bottle with design

FLSK – die Trinkflasche mit Design

Why are conventional thermos bottles so unattractive? Anyone who wants to be your daily companion must not only be functional but also look especially good. Our goal is to combine modern technology with an appealing design. That's why the FLSK stands out refreshingly from the dull silver-gray uniformity. Our designers have been working hard, sketching and refining. The result: a stunning stainless steel drinking bottle that you can proudly place on the fine table. Envious looks are guaranteed.

Sure, a drinking bottle is a utility item. But that's no reason to walk around with an unattractive, standard bottle. We believe good design is innovative, honest, unobtrusive, and durable. It also makes our daily lives a little bit more beautiful. Just like the FLSK drinking bottle. With its refined shapes and fresh colors, it stands out clearly from conventional bottles. With its minimalist, timeless design, it transcends all fleeting trends and will accompany you for many years.

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Design is in the details.

The cylindrical form of the stainless steel bottle narrows in the upper quarter and curves evenly to the opening. This design minimizes wasted space, crucial for the bottle's handy shape and size. The classic design of a beverage bottle is the model. The narrow neck ensures that you can hold the FLSK drinking bottle firmly.

The thread of the opening, like the bottle cap, remains metallic-silver to contrast with the colorful bottle body. The size of the opening varies slightly across the different bottle sizes, ranging from 3.2 to 3.4 centimeters. The opening is designed so you can easily fill liquids and drink comfortably from the thermos bottle. The cap fits precisely, ensuring no drop escapes.

The FLSK logo, featuring the distinctive drop, is laser-etched onto the bottle bottom and cap. The brand name is subtly placed on the side. The FLSK drinking bottle is available in the shop in four sizes: 350, 500, 750, and 1000 milliliters. The insulated bottle's circumference is designed to fit standard bicycle or fitness equipment holders and the FLSK neoprene case.

We are also proud to have been recognized multiple times for excellent product design.


German Design Award



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