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muki – the snack pot with design

muki – der Snackpot mit Design

Did you have one of those plastic lunchboxes as a child? It was probably practical, but ugly as sin. Or it leaked. Or both. Luckily, those days are over!

By now, not only have you grown up, but so have your standards. You naturally expect your snack pot to have a cool, clean look and features that make you stand out confidently everywhere. After all, you've got your life under control, and you want to show that even while snacking.

Welcome to the world of the muki Snackpot, where every snack becomes a reflection of your unmistakably good taste.

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muki – the award-winning designer snack pot.

Our uncompromising quest for the best design has created a snack pot you won't want to put down. Minimalistic and simple, it fits perfectly into your lifestyle. Whether on the yoga mat, in the office, or on a city trip, your perfectly packed and cooled snack is waiting for you. After eating, any leftovers are discreetly hidden behind muki's stylish exterior.

Understatement is muki's middle name. Its sophisticated VICC® technology is concealed beneath its flowing, organic shapes. This design has been honored with multiple awards, including the European Design Award, the Red Dot Award, and the IDA Design Award. But the greatest accolade for us is that the muki Snackpot now makes everyday life easier for so many of you. That's precisely why we designed it.


Our design principles.

Just looking good isn't enough for us. We're convinced that good design is characterized by a connection between form and function. We designed the muki according to the following principles:

1. Good design explains itself.

The 2-in-1 design of the muki Snackpot is as practical as it is intuitive. The main snack goes in the pot below, and toppings go in the top compartment. Everything is neatly separated by partitions, so your snack always stays organized and clean.

2. Good design is simple.

Gimmicks and unnecessary details? Not in the muki. Everything is reduced to the essentials here. The components, from the top through the TriZone ThermoGuard to the pot, fit seamlessly together to create a unified, clear look.

3. Good design makes life easier.

The muki has real superpowers. It consists of two layers of BPA-free stainless steel, separated by a vacuum, with one layer coated in copper. This keeps food fresh and cool. Liquids don't stand a chance of seeping through the perfectly sealing lid. It's a snack pot that truly does more.

4. Good design is aesthetic.

A velvety surface, harmoniously curved shapes, and elegant colors make the muki a delight to hold. Whether you choose pure stainless steel or sophisticated midnight blue, you can confidently place your new, stylish companion on your desk. Unlike conventional plastic boxes, it looks really good there.

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