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The drinking bottle for a happy childhood

Die Trinkflasche für eine glückliche Kindheit

"There! Wasn't that a goblin? And look, over there, a stream is gurgling!" From a child's perspective, the world is wonderfully new and exciting every day. There's so much for our little ones to discover. The FLSK drinking bottle is their best friend, always by their side – at home, in kindergarten, and later in school.

The FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle quickly convinces moms and dads with its high quality and endless applications. In the 500 ml or 1000 ml version, it's lightweight, handy, 100% leak-proof, and virtually indestructible – ideal for the little family members. Whether in black, blue, pink, or green, your children will love their FLSK drinking bottle and will think of drinking on their own.

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Only the best for your child.

Kids make life more colorful, richer, and a bit more exhausting. The FLSK kids' drinking bottle is one of those things that makes life easier for moms and dads. How does it work? With thoughtful design and plenty of function.

  1. Safe: Unfortunately, bacteria thrive in baby bottles and regular thermoses. The FLSK drinking bottle, made of high-quality stainless steel, is easy to clean, free of harmful substances, and prevents germs from spreading.

  2. Durable: Life becomes more turbulent with kids, and the drinking bottle might occasionally be thrown into a corner. No problem for the FLSK drinking bottle, which can handle rough treatment and is absolutely unbreakable.

  3. Leak-proof: The lid is precisely fitted, making it easy for your child to open and close on their own. No spills.

  4. Insulated: The FLSK drinking bottle is reliable – keeping drinks cold for 24 hours and warm for 18 hours. It's incredibly convenient when you need to prepare baby formula on the go. For your older kids, just fill it up at a comfortable drinking temperature.


Convenient for you and your baby - the FLSK drinking bottle.

Baby formula should always be freshly prepared to ensure the best for your little ones and to prevent germs. This isn't always easy on the go, as finding warm, boiled water can be challenging. Now there's one less thing for you to worry about. The perfectly tempered water for the baby formula will now come from the FLSK drinking bottle. The insulated bottle meets all the requirements for baby-friendly nutrition. It's made of a safe material that doesn't release any harmful substances and can be cleaned hygienically. Once filled, it will be available all day.




The right drinking bottle for kindergarten and school.

How exciting! Your child gains valuable experiences in kindergarten or school, outside the protected family environment. To ensure they have everything they need, pack the FLSK drinking bottle in their backpack every morning. It will supply your child with their favorite drink at the ideal temperature all day long. In PE class, the spritzer stays cool, while tea warms them up after playing outside in winter. With its design and vibrant colors, the thermos is unmistakable in kindergarten and school. Friends will be amazed at this kids' drinking bottle.

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