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How does your FLSK drinking bottle work?

Wie funktioniert Deine FLSK Trinkflasche?


Our Magic Word: VICC® Technology.

What makes the FLSK drinking bottle so special? Besides the cool design, it is primarily the superior functionality that makes the FLSK drinking bottle stand out from the crowd. Regular thermos bottles can only manage an insulating performance of 6 to 9 hours on average. Most bottles run out of steam by then – cold tea or lukewarm soda are the unpleasant result.

The FLSK drinking bottle, however, keeps its contents hot for up to 18 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Perfect if you're out all day again. The VICC® technology makes this possible. Here you can learn more about the revolutionary process that is largely responsible for the enormous insulating capability and performance of the FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle.

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What is behind the VICC® technology?

Our innovative VICC® technology makes the FLSK drinking bottle a true quality product. VICC stands for Vacuum Insulated Copper Coating. Two components, one goal: to make the insulating performance of the FLSK drinking bottle unbeatable.


VICC® Technology

  • Vacuum Insulated: A vacuum is a space that contains no air. The vacuum layer between the two stainless steel walls of the FLSK insulating bottle prevents heat and cold from escaping. Since a vacuum, unlike air, does not conduct temperature, rapid heating or cooling is impossible. The stability of the FLSK drinking bottle is not affected by the vacuum, by the way.

  • Copper Coating: A copper coating on the outside of the inner bottle body additionally supports the temperature retention of the bottle. The high-quality stainless steel material of the other bottle components also ensures the longevity of the function.

The use of VICC® technology is currently the most advanced and effective method for temperature insulation of thermos bottles. It was developed by us and meets the highest technical standards. Unfortunately, even VICC® technology cannot hold the temperature forever. Over time, the heat or cold dissipates – especially through the lid. To counteract this, our bottle lids have a particularly precise fit with a rubber ring. Thus, the FLSK thermos bottle has an insulating performance that is second to none: 18 hours hot and 24 hours cold.

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