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You never walk alone: ​​On the go with the FLSK drinking bottle

You never walk alone: Unterwegs mit der FLSK Trinkflasche

You lead an eventful life. If you leave the house in the morning, it is not uncommon for you not to come back until the evening. And in between? That's where your life pulsates. As varied, free and joyful as you are.

You meet your friends, cycle to the park, sweat while doing sports, go for a stroll, work, love and are on the road. What you're missing on the road is a companion who goes along with everything, takes good care of you and enriches your life every day: the FLSK drinking bottle.

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That's practical. 

In order for you to enjoy using something every day, it has to really convince you. That's why we spared no effort when it came to the FLSK drinking bottle and refined it until it meets your high standards. Voilà – 6 reasons to take the FLSK with you on the go.

  1. The FLSK isolates like a world champion. After 24 hours your drinks will still be ice cold, and after 18 hours they will still be as hot as when you filled them.

  2. The FLSK keeps carbon dioxide. It bubbles like it was freshly poured.

  3. The FLSK is lightweight. For carefree drinking enjoyment.

  4. The FLSK is really tight. And when we say close, we mean close. “Throw it headfirst into your handbag” tight.

  5. The FLSK is indestructible. It doesn't break or dent.

  6. The FLSK is good for the environment. Because you can use them over and over again for years.

It belongs in your bag.

There are said to be minimalists who only need a cell phone and wallet to be happy while on the go. If you don't belong, then you are not alone. No matter what your day looks like - we think a few things make it much more pleasant: sunglasses, wet wipes, mini emergency pharmacy, music and of course the FLSK insulated bottle for when you're thirsty. Depending on how long you are on the road, the FLSK is available in three different sizes. The 350 ml for the small handbag, 500 ml for the frugal, the 750 ml for the backpack and the 1000 ml for the really big tour. Psst...insider tip: Simply refill your FLSK drinking bottle on the go.

One for everything.

A coffee-to-go cup in the morning? A sports drinking bottle for the training session. The heavy glass bottle for the sundowner by the river? You already carry enough things around with you. It's nice that the FLSK drinking bottle always fits. You can fill in your hot drink in the morning and then easily wash out the thermos bottle later. You won't be able to taste anything that was in it before. And the FLSK is ready for its next mission. Whether tea, water, soda or protein shake, it keeps all liquids at temperature for hours. For a cozy evening with friends, fill it with beer, punch or wine. Extra plus point: The timelessly elegant design makes you look good in every situation.

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Perfect for this.